A Vagrant VM that provisions Ada packages for you!
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Debian Ada VM


This is a little project to create a stable, distributable base virtual machine that has a great Ada development environment bundled into it.

Getting Started

We use Vagrant to develop and test these manifests and as such there is a Vagrantfile already in the root directory. If you don't already have Vagrant:

% sudo gem install vagrant

Once you have vagrant you should be able to execute the following command to bring up a virtual machine and provision it:

% vagrant up

For development, you can just create your manifests and include them in manifests/base.pp, once you're ready to re-run the puppet manifests you can run the following command (no need to rebuild the VM):

% vagrant provision

Getting Help

If you have any questions, stop by the #ada channel on the Freenode network and ask rtyler.