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%define prefix @PREFIX@
Version: @VERSION@
Release: 2
Summary: Small GTK based 'Run application'
Group: X11/Utilities
Source: %{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
License: GPL
Packager: Mihai Bazon <>
BuildPrereq: gtk+ >= 2.0.6
BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-root
Short GtkEntry for file autocompletion + that does the needed stuff
for running programs. This is intended as a replacement to grun, which
(sorry) sucks. The idea comes from the KDE Window Manager (ALT-F2 in KDE).
Though, GNOME is better :)
%setup -q
rm -rf %{buildroot}
make install-strip DESTDIR=%{buildroot}
rm -rf %{buildroot}
%dir %{_datadir}/%{name}
* Sun Aug 03 2003 Mihai Bazon <> 0.9-2
- fixed a parsing bug in the "run command" function
* Sun Jun 22 2003 Marius FERARU <> 0.9-0.n0i
- version 0.9
* Sat Jun 14 2003 Marius FERARU <> 0.8.1-1.n0i
- rebuild on RHL9
* Sat Aug 17 2002 Mihai Bazon <>
- Some bugs fixed, specifically the behavior of END/HOME keys (or C-E, C-A),
and the major one: you could not run a file that has an extension handler
with some other program than the extension handler :)
* Fri Aug 16 2002 Mihai Bazon <>
- Fixed bug: filenames can now contain white spaces (will be backslash-ed)
- New feature: can specify application handler per file extension, so you
can directly type the name of some .cpp file and emacs will show up :)
see config file for details.
- New feature: can automatically simulate a TAB press after some timeout.
Check config file for details, key "TabTimeout" (0 to disable).
- New feature: you can now always use "system" for running programs
(specify --enable-system at configure).
* Fri Oct 19 2001 Mihai Bazon <>
- Fixed bug with sorting of completion list
- Fixed bug with URL handling
- New parameter: list of execs to be always run in terminal
- New feature: last history line appears directly in edit line, selected
* Wed Aug 01 2001 Mihai Bazon <>
- Programs are now executed using execv. We don't use system anymore, thus
avoiding forking another shell.
- gmrun.spec gets now generated automagically, at ./configure.
* Sun Jul 22 2001 Mihai Bazon <>
- added "!" history backward search; like in bash, it finds the last command
which begins with the entered text.
- CTRL-R / CTRL-S don't show two identical consecutive records.
* Thu Jul 19 2001 Mihai Bazon <>
- added history search capabilities (CTRL-R / CTRL-S, like in bash / Emacs)
- small bug fixes
* Fri Jun 29 2001 Mihai Bazon <>
- history size configurable from config file
- window appears directly where it should (no more flicker)
* Wed May 14 2001 Mihai Bazon <>
- added default configuration file (goes to /usr/share/gmrun)
* Wed May 07 2001 Marius Feraru <>
- updated to version 0.5.3 and took over to 0.5.31
* Wed May 03 2001 Marius Feraru <>
- updated to version 0.2.5 and took over to 0.2.51:
* configuration file with 2 options for now:
'Terminal' and 'Width'
* added some more (and hopefully more useful) documentation:
README.hints, README.gmrunrc and README.icewm
* Wed May 03 2001 Marius Feraru <>
- updated to version 0.2.2:
* Ctrl-Enter spawns a terminal
* Wed May 02 2001 Marius Feraru <>
- initial RPM build