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SSSHSH, was that the right number of SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSses?

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+title: We are all special and unique
+- nih
+- configurationmanagement
+- software
+- tools
+### Pattern
+1. The only way to solve our problems is to build it ourselves.
+### Story
+(**Editor's Note:** *This is a very special anti-pattern in that I've
+personally seen it at multiple companies at varying levels. In order to
+preserve the anonymity of my sources however, I will group all of these stories
+together under one over-arching pretend org: "Great Operations
+Over-engineering Group" or "GOOG."*)
+As one of the most senior Ops engineers at GOOG, Sergey has helped scale the
+company's infrastructure practically from the beginning. If you find a good
+peaty scotch, Sergey might just share some of the stories "from the olden
+A few years ago when GOOG's infrastructure was only a couple of Linux
+servers, Sergey would just SSH to the hosts to make changes as needed. After
+the machine count grew into double digits, Sergey the ever creative sysadmin
+created a bash script to SSH into all the hosts and run commands. Sergey had
+heard of tools like [Capistrano]( and
+[Fabric]( but they seemed like a bit overkill for somebody
+that just wanted to SSH into a few hosts and restart Apache. For now, Sergey's
+SSH Shell ("SSSHSH" pronounced "shush") was doing the job just fine.
+When more people joined GOOG's growing Ops team, SSSHSH had become a standard
+tool that everybody was using, and in turn everybody had bug reports and
+feature requests.
+* "*Can it be used to SCP files to all the servers?*"
+* "*When one host dies, it breaks the entire SSSHSH command*"
+* "*SSSHSH should handle piping data through stdin to send to the hosts*"
+* "*SSSHSH doesn't work properly on Zsh*"
+* "*Sometimes I just need to run a command against the www pool, SSSHSH should
+ support groups*"
+* "*SSSHSH should check for a file's presence before over-writing it with a new
+ one*"
+* "*SSSHSH isn't fast enough, can it control hosts in parallel?*"
+Sergey's little pet project had blossomed into thousands of lines of shell code
+spread across multiple files. As the project grew, it intertwined into more and
+more of GOOG's infrastructure. Want to upgrade to a new version of a package?
+No problem, just use this package management tool built on top of SSSHSH! Need
+to tail multiple logs from multiple servers? No problem! Just use this
+multi-tail tool that was also written on top of SSSHSH.
+As the rest of the world has moved forward with common open source
+configuration management and orchestration tools, GOOG's Ops team is still
+hammering away with SSSHSH, exhibiting the classic symptoms of SSSHSHSS
+(Sergey's SSH Shell Stockholm Syndrome).

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