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#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import with_statement
import base64
import contextlib
import gzip
import StringIO
import time
import eventlet
import eventlet.wsgi
from import httplib
from import urllib2
import lxml
import lxml.html
import memcache
REDIRECT_CODES = (301, 302, 303,)
CACHE = memcache.Client(('',))
def wsgi_ok(start_response, output, headers):
start_response('200 OK', [(k, v) for k, v in headers.iteritems()])
return [output]
def wsgi_error(start_response, output, headers):
start_response('500 Server Error', [(k, v) for k, v in headers.iteritems()])
return [output]
def fetch_from(method, url, headers):
print '>> Requesting: %s' % url
start = time.time()
request = urllib2.Request(url=url, headers=headers)
return urllib2.urlopen(request)
print ('fetch_from(%s, %s, ..) took %s' % (method, url, (time.time() - start)))
class Munger(object):
def __init__(self, page_content, **kwargs):
self.pool = eventlet.GreenPool()
self.page_content = page_content
self.doc = lxml.html.document_fromstring(page_content)
def munge(self):
for element in self.doc.getiterator():
method = '_handle_%s' % element.tag
method = getattr(self, method, None)
if method is None:
self.pool.spawn(method, element)
return lxml.html.tostring(self.doc)
def _handle_img(self, elem):
if not elem.attrib.get('src'):
return elem
source = elem.attrib['src']
image = fetch_from('GET', source, {})
image =
b64image = base64.encodestring(image)
pieces = source.split('.')
elem.attrib['src'] = 'data:image/%s;base64,%s' % (pieces[-1], b64image)
return elem
def _handle_link(self, elem):
if not elem.attrib.get('href') or not elem.attrib.get('type') == 'text/css':
return elem
href = elem.attrib['href']
css = fetch_from('GET', href, {})
css =
b64css = base64.encodestring(css)
elem.attrib['href'] = 'data:text/css;base64,%s' % b64css
return elem
def _ignore_handle_script(self, elem):
if not elem.attrib.get('src'):
return elem
src = elem.attrib['src']
js = fetch_from('GET', src, {})
js =
b64js = base64.encodestring(js)
elem.attrib['src'] = 'data:text/x-js,%s' % b64js
return elem
def wsgi_proxy(env, start_response):
if not env['wsgi.url_scheme'] == 'http':
return wsgi_error(start_response, 'Error\r\n', {})
if not env['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'GET':
return wsgi_error(start_response, 'Only GET is suppported\r\n', {})
# Strip off early 'http://'
url = env['PATH_INFO']
headers = dict(((k, env[k]) for k in PROXIED_HEADERS if env.has_key(k)))
if env['QUERY_STRING']:
url = '%s?%s' % (url, env['QUERY_STRING'])
cached = False
#if CACHE.get(url):
if False:
print '>>> Getting %s from the cache' % url
cached = True
response = fetch_from(env['REQUEST_METHOD'], url, headers)
except urllib2.HTTPError, ex:
start_response('%s %s' % (ex.getcode(),, [])
return ['']
headers = dict(response.headers)
if response.code in REDIRECT_CODES:
if not headers.get('location'):
return wsgi_error(start_response, 'No Location header given with redirect code %d\r\n' % response.code, {})
print ('Redirecting', env['PATH_INFO'], headers['location'])
env.update({'PATH_INFO' : headers['location']})
return wsgi_proxy(env, start_response)
headers.pop('transfer-encoding', None)
print ('headers', headers)
response =
parts = url.split('.')
suffix = parts[-1]
if suffix:
suffix = suffix.split('?')[0]
munger = None
if headers.get('content-type') == 'text/html':
munger = Munger(response)
response = munger.munge()
#if not cached and headers.get('cache-control'):
if False:
parts = headers['cache-control'].split(',')
for part in parts:
part = part.strip()
if not part.startswith('max-age'):
unused, age = part.split('=')
age = int(age)
if age <= 0:
print ('I should cache %s for %ss (%d bytes)' % (url, age, len(response)))
CACHE.set(url, response, time=age)
print ('Sending proxy response for', url)
if response and 'gzip' in env.get('HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING', ''):
headers['Content-Encoding'] = 'gzip'
start = time.time()
out = StringIO.StringIO()
gzout = gzip.GzipFile(None, 'wb', 9, fileobj=out)
response = out.getvalue()
print ('gzipping took', (time.time() - start))
print '>> Returning %d bytes for %s' % (len(response), url)
return wsgi_ok(start_response, response, headers)
def main():
eventlet.wsgi.server(eventlet.listen(('localhost', 8199)), wsgi_proxy,
log_x_forwarded_for=True, keepalive=False,
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':