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Puppet module authored by Bryce Johnson


puppet-jira is a module for Atlassian's Enterprise Issue Tracking and project management tool.


Operating System

  • Linux: RedHat (Debian untested)
  • Windows: UNSUPPORTED


  • Postgres
  • MySQL

Package Requirements

  • Puppet 2.7.x

  • hiera and hiera-puppet This puppet module heavily uses hiera-puppet to decouple configuration information from the module itself. An example is given in jira.yaml that you can use to construct your own jira hieradata information. Params.pp is still used since some resource types can't call hiera directly, like file.

  • git 1.7.6+ (this module doesn't check, at least yet, just make sure git is installed)

  • open JDK 1.6 (Don't use 1.7 yet), prefer update 33+

Before you begin

It is your responsibility to backup your database. Especially do so if you are installing to an existing installation of jira as this module is UNTESTED from with an existing install of jira

You must have your database setup with the account user that the application will use. This information needs to be put in the hiera yaml, for example jira.yaml, in your hieradata directory.

Make sure you have a JAVA_HOME and appropriate java installed on your machine. Recommended is JDK 1.6u33

Did I mention if you are upgrading, BACKUP your database first? This module makes no warranty on your data, per its license.


This puppet module will be downloading the jira zip, extract it into /opt/jira/atlassian-jira-$version

A service will also be created for you with chkconfig configured to be on so that jira will start up automatically on system start.

You will also need to enter in the directory to your jira-home, which should also be kept in the hiera yaml, for example jira.yaml.

Once you have installed the yaml information, then run puppet apply with this module included in the modulepath.

*** Fixes and Future Work Please feel free to raise any issues here for fixes. I'm happy to fix them up. Also feel free to make a pull request for anything so I can hopefully get it in.