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py-yajl provides Python bindings for the Yajl JSON encoder/decoder library
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includes Allow for building in yajl with the module instead of linking a 'syst…
test_data When converting a tuple to a list, the count needs to be incremented …
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BUILDING.markdown Update doc formatting Prune yajl/.git and yajl/build directories from the source distribution
README.markdown Allow yajl to be compiled out of the box for Python 2.x and 3.x
decoder.c missed the pybuffer decref in Decoder.decode
encoder.c Fix memory leaks in ProcessObject.
ptrstack.h Add license into ptrstack.h
py_yajl.h Fixed undefined symbol on python3.2 Add a __version__ attribute onto the module
yajl.c Fix a memory leak in yajl.dump().
yajl_hacks.c Properly handle multiple unicode keys inside of a dictionary


py-yajl: Python bindings for Yet Another JSON Library


py-yajl is a C-based Python module to interface with Yajl (Yet Another JSON Library). While modules like jsonlib, simplejson and `cjson already exist, py-yajl is intended on providing pythonic access to Yajl's extremely fast string and stream parsing facilities.

py-yajl fully supports Python 2.4-2.6 and Python 3.

Building py-yajl

Please refer to BUILDING.markdon


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