A simple server to get started with Amber development
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Resin: a simple environment for Amber development

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Resin is a simple Sinatra application which allows for a rapid-bootstrap of an Amber project.

The gem bundles a version of Amber and provides the necessary routes to transparently serve up Amber assets or user-defined assets in their current project directory

Getting Started

Read further, or you could just watch this fanciful screencast

First you'll need to install the Gem and make your project directory:

% mkdir my-project
% cd my-project
% gem install resin

Once the gem is installed, make some directories to store your own custom Amber code:

% mkdir st js

These directories will allow you to commit your code from the Amber IDE, so once they're created, just run Resin and navigate to localhost:4567

% runresin

Custom Views

Adding custom views is pretty easy, just create the views directory and start adding HAML files into it. If for example if you wanted to create a URL localhost:4567/user then you would create views/user.haml and fill in your template accordingly.

To embed the Amber JavaScripts in your custom views, you can just call the embed_amber function:

            My Custom View
        = embed_amber
        Hello World