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#compdef cpanm
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Description
# -----------
# Completion script for cpanm (
# Source:
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Authors
# -------
# * Ryushi (
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# -*- mode: zsh; sh-indentation: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; sh-basic-offset: 2; -*-
# vim: ft=zsh sw=2 ts=2 et
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
local arguments curcontext="$curcontext"
typeset -A opt_args
# Commands
# '(--install -i)'{--install,-i}'[Installs the modules]'
'(- :)--self-upgrade[Upgrades itself]'
'(- :)--info[Displays distribution info on CPAN]'
'(--installdeps)--installdeps[Only install dependencies]'
'(--look)--look[Download/unpack the distribution and then open the directory with your shell]'
'(- :)'{--help,-h}'[Displays help information]'
'(- :)'{--version,-V}'[Displays software version]'
# Options
{--force,-f}'[Force install]'
{--notest,-n}'[Do not run unit tests]'
{--sudo,-S}'[sudo to run install commands]'
'(-v --verbose --quiet -q)'{--verbose,-v}'[Turns on chatty output]'
'(-q --quiet --verbose -v)'{--quiet,-q}'[Turns off all output]'
{--local-lib,-l}'[Specify the install base to install modules]'
{--local-lib-contained,-L}'[Specify the install base to install all non-core modules]'
'--mirror[Specify the base URL for the mirror (e.g.]:URLs:_urls'
'--mirror-only[Use the mirror\''s index file instead of the CPAN Meta DB]'
'--prompt[Prompt when configure/build/test fails]'
'--reinstall[Reinstall the distribution even if you already have the latest version installed]'
'--interactive[Turn on interactive configure]'
'--scandeps[Scan the depencencies of given modules and output the tree in a text format]'
'--format[Specify what format to display the scanned dependency tree]:scandeps format:(tree json yaml dists)'
'--save-dists[Specify the optional directory path to copy downloaded tarballs]'
# '--uninst-shadows[Uninstalls the shadow files of the distribution that you\''re installing]'
'--auto-cleanup[Number of days that cpanm\''s work directories expire in. Defaults to 7]'
'(--no-man-pages)--man-pages[Generates man pages for executables (man1) and libraries (man3)]'
'(--man-pages)--no-man-pages[Do not generate man pages]'
# Note: Normally with "--lwp", "--wget" and "--curl" options set to true (which is the default) cpanm tries LWP,
# Wget, cURL and HTTP::Tiny (in that order) and uses the first one available.
# (So that the exclusions are not enabled here for the completion)
'(--lwp)--lwp[Use LWP module to download stuff]'
'(--wget)--wget[Use GNU Wget (if available) to download stuff]'
'(--curl)--curl[Use cURL (if available) to download stuff]'
# Other completions
'*:Local directory or archive:_files -/ -g "*.(tar.gz|tgz|tar.bz2|zip)(-.)"'
# '*::args: _normal' # this looks for default files (any files)
_arguments -s $arguments \
&& return 0
return 1
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