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#compdef github
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Description
# -----------
# Completion script for Github gem (
# Source:
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Authors
# -------
# * Sven Lito (
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# -*- mode: zsh; sh-indentation: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; sh-basic-offset: 2; -*-
# vim: ft=zsh sw=2 ts=2 et
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
local -a _1st_arguments
'browse:Open this repo in a web browser'
'clone:Clone a repo'
'config:Automatically set configuration info, or pass args to specify'
'create-from-local:Create a new GitHub repository from the current local repository'
'create:Create a new empty GitHub repository'
'fetch:Fetch from a remote to a local branch'
'fetch_all:Fetch all refs from a user'
'fork:Forks a GitHub repository'
'home:Open this repos master branch in a web browser'
'ignore:Ignore a SHA from github network commits'
'info:Info about this project'
'issues:Project issues tools'
'network:Project network tools - sub-commands : web [user], list, fetch, commits'
'open:Open the given user/project in a web browser'
'pull-request:Generate the text for a pull request'
'pull:Pull from a remote'
'search:Search GitHub for the given repository name'
'track:Track another users repository'
local expl
local -a pkgs installed_pkgs
_arguments \
'*:: :->subcmds' && return 0
if (( CURRENT == 1 )); then
_describe -t commands "github subcommand" _1st_arguments