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Added Polish translation #38

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boryn commented Aug 28, 2011


As a big fan of Git I found your app for Android and gave it a try :)

I also prepared the basic translations to Polish in strings.xml. Though I couldn't find lots of phrases there, like:
fetch complete
fetch failed
clone cancelled
clone completed
password required
please enter your password
deleting repo

If you could make them "translatable" I would further expand strings.xml file.

On the other hand I'm not sure where these keys appear in the app?

I think that CREDITS.markdown and Using-SSH.markdown also deserve translation. But am not sure how to name them (maybe CREDITS.pl.markdown) or alternatively where to put them?

The translation was not yet tested on the device - as I don't know how to compile the source... If you could send me a compiled .apk file based on this branch? And please don't merge it yet as probably there would be some fine-tuning needed.


rtyley commented Aug 28, 2011

Hi @boryn - that's wonderful, thank you :)

If you want to check your changes and incrementally fix them it'll probably be best for you to build Agit yourself - there are build instructions here:


If that's a problem let me know and I'll build you an APK, but obviously there'll be longer round-trip latency on checking your changes!

In any case, please read the Agit code contribution agreement here:


  • and let me know whether you either assign the copyright on the contribution to myself, Roberto Tyley, or disclaim copyright on it and thus put it in the public domain - thank you.

Thanks for taking a look at the list of translatable strings- I'll do some tidying up and get more of them into strings.xml. Unfortunately some of them are hard-wired into underlying libraries (JGit/JSch) so can't be easily translated.

The ones you hadn't seen:

suggest_repos_button - unused, I'll delete it...
checkout_commit_menu_option - not yet used, will be a menu option displaying on Commit-Viewer activity
pull_to_refresh_pull_label - displayed on the pull-to-refresh branch-commits list I think? Comes from https://github.com/johannilsson/android-pulltorefresh
tag_message_label - not yet used, part of the 'write' functionality I'm working on - will be part of the ui for creating a Tag


boryn commented Aug 28, 2011

Hi Roberto!

To be honest - when I start compiling it - it would take ages! :) I saw the page you sent but really I have no, absolutely no idea about these programs and I simply don't have time for discovering them :( I hope the process won't be that bad and we finish in 2, max 3 iterations.

Thanks for explanations about the keys I couldn't see anywhere.

I'll go for public domain - do I have to use any special wording for this?


boryn commented Sep 2, 2011

Ok, I made some finishing touches on the translation :) Waiting for more strings :)

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