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roboguice-sherlock Build Status

RoboGuice classes for use with ActionBarSherlock

Both RoboGuice and ActionBarSherlock require custom base classes for Activities and Fragments, and as Java doesn't permit diamond-inheritance, or the traits of Scala, this project provides custom RoboGuice classes that extend the corresponding ones from ActionBarSherlock.

JakeWharton provided the first example of how to do this with a RoboSherlockActivity: it's a simple drudge process of taking the source for the RoboGuice class and changing the activity/fragment named in the extends declaration to the corresponding ActionBarSherlock class - there are no further complications I've encountered so far.

All classes in this project have the same name as the RoboGuice ones, with 'Sherlock' inserted after the 'Robo', ie Robo**Sherlock**ListFragment. The package is also changed to**.

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