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Latest commit 0a749b6 Dec 29, 2012 @rtyley Updates for SC v1.47.0.2, Android SDK Tools v21.0.1
Tested against ADT 21 (
with the currently 'recommended' version of Eclipse from - eclipse-mobile-juno-SR1-linux-gtk-x86_64


- As of Spongy Castle v1.47, SC is now split into multiple smaller jars.
  This demo project uses sc-light-jdk15on, scprov-jdk15on &
  scpkix-jdk15on - other projects may be able to get by with just the
  first two of those, or possibly just sc-light-jdk15on by itself.
  Check dependencies at

- 'lib' becomes 'libs'

- rely on default Android ProGuard configuration


Eclipse demo of configuring a project to use Spongy Castle

Spongy Castle aims to be a full replacement for the crippled versions of the Bouncy Castle cryptographic libraries which ship with Android. You can read more about the project here:

This demo, spongycastle-eclipse, is just the simplest possible example of how to use Spongy Castle within an Eclipse project - it's not meant to be an interesting app!

I find setting up Spongy Castle in Eclipse pretty simple, but I might be making some assumptions that are worth documenting... the spongycastle-eclipse demo app was prompted by a question on StackOverflow:

Eclipse Build Path Settings