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This is the main GitHub repo for my Computer Science NEA. This is course work which is part of my A Level.

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This project was completed in the accademic year 2022/23 while I was in my final year of college at Barton Peveril Sixth Form.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to shoot me an email:


The title of this project is "Alogrithmic Map Recognition and Edge Detection with Point to Point Pathfinding", what this boiled down to a canny edge detector coupled with some interesting logic which allowed it to pick out what where roads and what where buildings using a flood fill algorithm. Then after it had done this it converts the filled map to a graph which can then be clicked on to find the shortest path between two points. All of this was tied together with a nice looking custom GUI using WinForms if I recal.

Here is a nice gif of it doing the pathfinding (not all from the same source):

At some point there will be a nice writeup here:

OLD I used for deadlines.

This is my the home repo for my Computer Science Non-Exam Assesment. Contained within is everthing that pertains to the NEA.

Directory overview

  • AutoLog, this contains the code which auto updates the google task with every commit.
  • Prototyle, this will contain the prototype for the project.
  • Final, will contain the final code for the entire project.
  • Writeup, contains the LaTeX source code as well as a compiled version of my final report.


These are mainly for me to keep an eye on All deadlines are 10am unless otherwise stated

  • 1st interview and draft objectives 23rd June 2022
  • Analysis (including finished prototype, 2nd interview and final objectives) 14th September 2022
  • Technical Solution the actual program 29th November 2022
  • All write up of NEA - electronic 9th January 2023
  • FINAL hand in with corrections (dont miss this one dumbo) – printed and PDF 9th February 2023 @ 4pm



This is the main GitHub repo for my Computer Science NEA. This is course work which is part of my A Level.







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