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Live coding script

Basic app

  • Hi from kotlin
  • Type inference
  • var/val
  • jackson kotlin binding

REST controller

  • Add rest controller
  • it's possible to put more than 1 public class in 1 file
  • Add data class NoteDTO (id, text)
  • Showoff data class using println
  • Return that note from handler
  • Create note(make it fail)
  • Add @JsonInclude(JsonInclude.Include.NON_EMPTY) on DTO

Database layer

  • Add model Note (id, text, createdAt)
  • Add NoteRepository repository
  • NoteRepository injection
  • Implement actual model creation and query
  • Showoff creation and removal
  • Records removal

Update records

  • PUT method on note
  • Add extended repository interface
  • Inject mongo: MongoTemplate
  • Construct Update and Query(using Criteria builder)