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Concourse with Docker Swarm Demo
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Concourse with Docker Swarm Demo

Required Configs:

  1. local variables.yml
docker_hub_user: youruser
docker_hub_password: yourpasswd
aws_access_key_id: foo
aws_secret_access_key: bar
aws_region: eu-west-1
docker_swarm_key: |-
        -----begin pvt key-----
        ZZ this should always remain local and on a safe place never in version control ZZ
        -----end pvt key-------


Create 2 branches for version files: version-staging and version-prod

Login to Concourse and save the target:

$ fly -t ci login -n main -c http://<concourse-ip>

Set the pipeline, point the config, local variables definition and name the pipeline:

$ fly -t ci sp -n main -c ci/pipeline.yml -p <pipeline-name> -l ci/<variables>.yml

You will find that the pipeline will look like below and that it will be in a paused state:

Unpause the pipeline:

$ fly -t ci up -p swarm-demo

The pipeline should kick-off automatically due to the trigger that is set to true:

Deployed automatically to staging, prod is a manual trigger:


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