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Run Remote Docker commands via a SSH Tunnel
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Run Remote Docker commands via a SSH Tunnel

Docker Remote Tunnel

Run Remote Docker commands via a SSH Tunnel. Docker Hub: ruanbekker/docker-remote-tunnel


I made this wrapper to simplify ci/cd deployments with concourse to deploy applications to docker swarm.

The wrapper creates a screen session, creates a ssh tunnel and mounting a local port to the docker socket on the manager node, allowing us to run docker commands locally, interfacing with the remote docker api.


Run a container, and map the path to your ssh key

$ docker run -v ~/.ssh/id_rsa:/tmp/key -it ruanbekker/docker-remote-tunnel sh

Wrapper supports creating and terminating the tunnels:

$ docker-tunnel --help

Usage: /usr/bin/docker-tunnel
Description: Execute remote docker commands via ssh tunnel over a docker socket

 -h, --help                    Display usage instructions
 -c, --connect []  Establishes Tunnel to Remote SSH Server. Expects username@remote-server
 -t, --terminate               Terminates Tunnel

Establish a SSH Tunnel to your Manager node:

$ docker-tunnel -c

  Source the environment either with:

  1) source /root/
  2) export DOCKER_HOST="localhost:2376"

Source the environment:

$ source /root/

Validate that the DOCKER_HOST variable has been set:

$ env | grep DOCKER

Run a docker command from the container:

$ docker node ls
ID                            HOSTNAME            STATUS              AVAILABILITY        MANAGER STATUS      ENGINE VERSION
9kbmvcr73ceh2afozxrwx3CzT *   swarm-manager-1     Ready               Active              Leader              18.06.3-ce
vuxEvsv09qvRekwcltk7prmkx     swarm-worker-1      Ready               Active                                  18.06.3-ce

Terminate the tunnel:

$ docker-tunnel --terminate

Verify that the tunnel has been terminated:

$ docker node ls
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

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