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Secrets Management on AWS with S3 and KMS using Golang
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Secrets Management on AWS with S3 and KMS using Golang


Learning golang at the moment and wanted a easy and cheap way to store encrypted application secrets on S3.

What does it do

The cli tool allows you to:

  • encrypt a string to a S3 path styled key eg. secrets/production/
  • gets encrypted with your KMS key
  • stores the data on S3 with Server Side Encryption (SSE).
  • when the key is downloaded from S3 directly, the data will be in a encrypted form making it unusable.
  • when using the tool's get method, it will decrypt using the kms key and return the secret to stdout.
  • authentication: iam roles/users

As it can be run from a binary, it makes it easy to read application secrets.


Build a binary:

$ go build -o secretstore main.go

Store your database username as a secret to secrets/production/

$ ./secretstore -put -secretName=secrets/production/ -secretValue=rds_admin

Read the database username from the secret:

$ ./secretstore -get -secretName=secrets/production/

Read the S3 key directly using the cli:

$ aws --profile test s3 cp s3://<your_s3_bucket>/secrets/production/ ./username
$ cat ./username
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