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A feature detection library for ECMAScript in node.js and browser.
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ES-Checker is a feature detection library for ECMAScript in node.js and browser. Please visit demo.

How to use

Command line

$ npm install -g es-checker
$ es-checker


First install es-checker locally.

$ npm install --save es-checker

Then require it in your script.

var Supports = require("es-checker");

if (Supports.letConst) {
  let x = 5;
} else {
  var x = 5;

The whole Api List please see below.


First insert es-checker.js into your page.

<script src=""></script>

Then use Supports to decide which feature to use. Visit demo.

if (Supports.letConst) {
  let x = 5;
} else {
  var x = 5;

The whole API List please see below.


This library is derived from es-feature-tests. The following API is copied from it. Visit for more information, including how to test a feature by yourself.

  • letConst: let and const
  • defaultParameter: default function parameter values
  • spreadRest: ... operator
  • destructuring: destructuring assignments/declarations for arrays and objects
  • parameterDestructuring: destructuring for function parameters
  • templateString: .. Template String Literals
  • forOf: for (var v of something) { .. }
  • arrow: x => x * x
  • generator: function *foo() { .. }
  • conciseMethodProperty: o = { b() { .. }, a }
  • computedProperty: o = { ["a" + "b"]: 42 }
  • moduleExport: In modules, export default foo = 42
  • moduleImport: In modules, import bar from "foo"
  • class: class A extends B { .. }
  • numericLiteral: Octal and binary literal forms (0o1, 0b10)
  • oldOctalLiteral: Old octal literal invalid now (01)
  • symbol: Symbol primitive
  • unicodeEscape: Unicode code-point escape form in string literals ('\u{20BB7}')
  • unicodeIdentifier: Unicode code-point escape form in identifier names (\u{20BB7} = 42)
  • unicodeRegExp: Unicode code-point escape form in regular expressions (/\u{20BB7}/u)
  • stickyRegExp: y flag for sticky regular expressions
  • letTDZ: TDZ error for too-early access of let or const declarations
  • constRedef: Redefinition of const declarations not allowed
  • objectProto: proto in object literal definition sets [[Prototype]] link
  • objectSuper: super allowed in object methods
  • extendNatives: class ABC extends Array { .. }
  • tco: Tail-call optimization for function calls and recursion
  • symbolImplicitCoercion: Symbols can't be implicitly coerced (Symbol("a") + "")
  • functionNameInfernece: Inferences for function name property for anonymous functions
  • objectStatics: Static functions added to Object
  • arrayStatics: Static functions added to Array
  • arrayMethods: Methods added to Array.prototype
  • typedArrays: TypedArrays like Uint8Array (technically a web platform feature long before ES6)
  • typedArrayStatics: Some Array statics (like from(..)) added to the TypedArray constructors
  • typedArrayMethods: Some Array methods (like map(..)) added to the TypedArray prototypes
  • stringMethods: Methods added to String.prototype
  • numberStatics: Static functions added to Number
  • mathStatics: Static functions added to Math
  • collections: Collections added (Map, Set, WeakMap, WeakSet)
  • proxy: Proxies
  • promise: Promises
  • reflect: Reflect



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