A tool to assist in the compiling of source engine maps
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Compile Pal X is the official rewrite of Compile Pal - the amazing wrapper for the source map compiling tools that makes compiling a breeze.


Compile Pal should automatically find any game configurations - as long as the game's SDK was run last. Game Configurations are cached between sessions, and you can choose between them at launch.



PACK is a feature that allows for the automatic packing of custom content into a map BSP. Thanks to the work of Maxdup, this feature is now ready to be used in production.

Packable Content

  • Materials
  • Models
  • Model Skins
  • Skybox Textures
  • Sprites
  • Water Materials
  • Color Correction
  • Detail Files
  • Menu Photos
  • Soundscapes
  • Soundscripts
  • Particle Manifests
  • Much more...

Error Checking

Compile Pal can detect and provide information relating to errors using the Interlopers error listings.

errors errors


Whilst Compile Pal is not under active development, we are accepting pull requests. Those who are knowledgeable are encouraged to work on the project! New features or bugfixes are always welcome. We also make good use of any issues reported to us.


Bug Testing

  • wareya
  • Gangleider
  • Matt2468rv
  • Sevin7