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Creates timetables for students at the University of Melbourne
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Unimelb Timetabling App


After a year and a half of running, the website is no longer available as the university has moved to MyTimetable.

Shutdown Stats

~13,000 unique visitors ~35,000 page views

Semester 2 2019:

7,679 unique subject combinations 281MB of cached timetables

Give this website your list of subjects for a semester and it will generate a list of possible timetables, sorted by quality.

Unlike similar websites for other universities, I've optimised the generator to create timetables even where billions of possible choices are possible.


I've designed the website to be as easy to use as possible. Just add your subjects, select your preferences and generate. Once the timetables have been generated, you'll be shown the highest ranking timetable, but can browse through alternate timetables by sliding the selection bar.

Prefer Later Starts

Sorts the timetables according to the average start time. Unticking this will prefer an earlier average start time.

Prefer Less days

Sorts the timetables according to number of scheduled days. This choice receives higher preference over 'Prefer Later Starts'. Unticking this will prefer timetables with more days scheduled.


The generator will always prefer to generate timetables that do not clash. If clashing is necessary, the timetables will be sorted so as to reduce the number of clashes.

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