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3.2.1 (02/07/2016)
[nginx] Added application/json to gzip types. <4a84c93>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed regression in working with EC2 classic. <0938b8a>
[jenkins] Fix Jenkins nightly backup. <f723399>
3.2.0 (01/09/2016)
New Features:
[core] Added support for AWS VPCs.
[core] Added support for DigitalOcean v2 API.
3.1.0 (05/31/2015)
[core] Removed explicit dependency on 'json' gem. <61db9cc>
[core] Introduced env.enable_root_login_timeout parameter to configure timeout in enabling root login. <f8d1b65>
[passenger] Updated to Passenger 5.0.8. <c4a8261>
[passenger_nginx] Updated to Passenger 5.0.8. <c4a8261>
Bug Fixes:
[passenger_nginx] Replaced defunct passenger_set_cgi_param with passenger_env_var. <ee63694>
3.0.1 (04/27/2015)
[core] Force reload of Rubber config between Spring sessions in Rails 4+. <ef18da4>
3.0.0 (04/24/2015)
This is a major Rubber release in 3 years. Most of the Rubber internals haven't changed from the 2.x series. However,
we have removed support for Ruby versions < 1.9.3 and Rails < 3. Dropping older versions of Ruby meant we were able
to also drop the open4 dependency -- if you relied on that, you'll need to add it to your Gemfile. We also dropped
support for Ubuntu 10.04. While it's tied to this major version release, dropping Ubuntu 10.04 is a consequence of
it no longer being supported by Canonical.
Breaking Changes:
[core] Force Ruby 1.9.3+ for Rubber 3.0. <a5f4259>
[core] Removed open4 dependency in favor of standard lib open3. <e7f6d8e>
[core] Dropped support for Rails 2.3. <cf8d6c2>
[core] Dropped support for Ubuntu 10.04. <8e0753e>
[base] Bump ruby-build from 20150116 to 20150413 and default Ruby from 2.2.0 to 2.2.2. <48357a3, 2854426>
[base] Removed obsoleted gems from default install list. <cfe3433>
[core] Improved SSH key validation. <000c309>
[core] Worked around DigitalOcean's eventual consistencyness with regards to creating SSH keys. <b6dc6c5>
[core] Don't modify the Gemfile when vulcanizing 'base'. <422feda>
[passenger] Upgraded from Passenger from 4.0.57 to 5.0.6. <ca8a7d1>
[passenger_nginx] Upgraded from Passenger from 4.0.57 to 5.0.6. <ca8a7d1>
Bug Fixes:
[base] Fixed bad default DigitalOcean image. <000c309>
2.16.0 (02/23/2015)
New Features:
[base, core] Added an option to make debugging net-ssh issues much easier. <ae96cfa>
[core] Default to VMXNET 3 Ethernet driver for vSphere. <853fba6>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed a compatibility issue with net-ssh 2.9.2. <246dbb5>
2.15.2 (01/20/2015)
[base] Upgraded from ruby-build 20140702 to 20150116. <8112404>
[base] Upgraded default Ruby from 2.0.0-p481 to 2.2.0. <8112404>
[base] Updated ruby-build packages to match latest recommendations. <aad9928>
[base] Use the latest Ubuntu 14.04 LTS AMI. <68411a0>
[passenger] Upgraded from Passenger 4.0.53 to 4.0.57. <7bcf418>
[passenger_nginx] Upgraded from Passenger 4.0.53 to 4.0.57. <7bcf418>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Reverted process spawning logic in JRuby now that they've restored the method we use in JRuby 1.7.x. <62fde5b>
2.15.1 (12/21/2014)
[nginx] Set UTF-8 charset and do not echo server version. <04c03ef>
Bug Fixes:
[base] Restored comment about EBS volume types in rubber.yml. <73283ff>
[core] Fixed broken method interface Aws#create_spot_instance_request. <ed95bdb>
[core] Mostly fixed cronjobs on JRuby (jobs will run, but error cases are incorrectly reported as successful still). <cefbdec>
[delayed_job] Fixed variable interpolation in monit-delayed_job.conf. <792ba57>
2.15.0 (10/24/2014)
New Features:
[core] Add the ability to pass custom fog specific options during instance and volume creation. <a2e1c67>
[base] Document private networking support for new Digital Ocean regions: New York 3 and Amsterdam 3. <e85360f>
[base] Switch from ext3 to ext4 as the example filesystem in volume creation. <a21b95d>
Bug Fixes:
[nginx] Add Nginx parameter required by DigitalOcean droplets. <24ac1aa>
[postgresql] Surround postgresql database name with quotes to avoid syntax error when using hyphens in the DB name. <4017979>
2.14.0 (10/13/2014)
[base] Updated the base template to play a bit nicer when reading the rubber secret file at runtime. <dc0663c>
[collectd] Updated the collectd runner scripts to play nicer with JRuby. <283ba21>
[graylog] Upgraded from Graylog2 0.20.2 to 0.90.0. <6b3d47e>
[postgresql] Upgraded PostgreSQL from 9.1 to 9.3. <3b2b322>
[redis] Upgraded Redis from 2.8.8 to 2.8.17. <15c8040>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Make sure we follow the full after_refresh_instance chain for vSphere (fixes a bug with not creating iptables rules introduced in 2.13.0). <46c8506>
[core] Make sure we always normalize hostnames with underscores in them. <4b4b4c7>
[postgresql] Make sure the PostgreSQL client version matches the server version. <f7b5223>
[postgresql] Reference the correct Ubuntu release in the PostgreSQL apt line. <82127cd>
2.13.1 (10/01/2014)
[passenger] Upgraded from Passenger 4.0.50 to 4.0.53. <053d97c>
2.13.0 (10/01/2014)
New Features:
[base] Ubuntu 14.04 support.
[core] Added a way of specifying packages to be installed by OS version. <a682955>
[core] Added a way to retrieve the OS version for an instance. <1954d06, 59a5929, 491cd7e>
[core] Added a 'rubber_instance' helper method for use in templates and Capistrano tasks to reference the instance being deployed to. <4281344, 52ff83d, f94db86>
[apache] Updated config to work with both Apache 2.2 and 2.4. <8afa6df>
[graphite] Updated the graphite template to work in both Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04. <97a86ca, 7fef018, ce328d6>
[passenger] Updated config to work with both Apache 2.2 and 2.4. <8afa6df>
[postgresql] Always use the pgdg apt repository since it supports all Ubuntu LTS releases on all supported versions of PostgreSQL. <b1aeb00>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed a regression whereby we might try to generate config before all the files have been pushed. <a0d6c32>
[core] Fixed a regression whereby we would try to deploy to non-Linux servers, even though they're not supported. <513e0e1>
[core] Worked around an issue with Ubuntu 14.04 and vSphere whereby VMware Tools won't correctly populate the DNS list. <15216b7, d1fceac>
[core] Make sure VMs can still be refreshed in vSphere even if the VMware Tools installation is out-of-date. <546ec93>
2.12.2 (08/26/2014)
[core] Re-use established SSH connections. <f025bf7>
[core] Terminate the initial_ssh_user connection when we're done with it. <8981cef>
[passenger] Upgraded from Passenger 4.0.48 to 4.0.49. <053d97c>
[passenger_nginx] Upgraded from Passenger 4.0.48 to 4.0.49. <053d97c>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed an issue using password-based authentication with Capistrano. <c86e82d>
2.12.1 (08/19/2014)
Bug Fixes:
[base] Ubuntu 12.04.4 x64 is no longer a valid image for Digital Ocean. <3587f02>
2.12.0 (08/19/2014)
New Features:
[base] Added a task for cleaning up old kernels. <653bd0c>
[core] Implemented a check that will only repeat 'apt-get update' calls if there's a change to the sources list. <adafdc0>
Bug Fixes:
[passenger_nginx] Fixed a typo in the template preventing vulcanization. <cdc3ad8>
2.11.0 (08/07/2014)
New Features:
[passenger] Upgraded to Passenger 4. <09c7e64>
[core] Print an error if trying to mount a volume that is mounted under a different device in /etc/fstab. <855fc4c>
[passenger_nginx] Lock the Passenger version number down for more reliable provisioning. <1ca742a>
[passenger_nginx] Cleaned up the stock config a bit. <46b5abb, 31de467, e7bdc80>
[postgresql] Reduced shared_buffers size in PostgreSQL so it'll work out of the box on a 512 MB Digital Ocean droplet. <e032b3a>
Bug Fixes:
[base] Update the regions with private networking in Digital Ocean. <0d96318>
[base] Make sure we load deploy-* files in lexicographic order. <332b69e>
[core] We need to expand the SSH key filename before checking if it exists. <f9db7c4>
[core] Fixed a problem with loading Rubber via git in bundler on older releases of RubyGems (e.g., the ones that shipped with Ruby 1.9.3). <869d3d4>
[graylog] Fixed bootstrapping graylog by removing bad config. <ea5a9b4>
2.10.2 (07/07/2014)
[base] Upgraded from ruby-build 20140225 to 20140702 to get newer definitions. <65f6900>
[base] Upgraded default Ruby from 2.0.0-p451 to 2.0.0-p481 to get latest security fixes. <6f268ea>
[graphite] Clean up after the graphite installation. <46b243d>
[graphite] Upgraded from graphite 0.9.10 to 0.9.12. <c951c4d>
Bug Fixes:
[graphite] Use different download URLs for graphite because GitHub has an SSL bug preventing downloads on Ubuntu 12.04. <1cf6790>
2.10.1 (07/01/2014)
[core] Validate the SSH key configuration. <c6bb4af>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed syncing security group rules with default VPC. <f4f073a, 1a527bf, 60ff192>
[core] Fixed a compatibility problem with Ubuntu 10.04 due to an incompatible core package. <ba6e656>
[passenger_nginx] Fixed a problem with a template due to random characters at the end of a line. <fa480ca>
2.10.0 (06/20/2014)
[delayed_job] Added :kill and :status tasks. <52b593e>
[delayed_job] Run in bundle exec context. <52b593e>
[delayed_job] Move monit-delayed_job.conf inside the monit vulcanizer, as is the standard for all other templates. <52b593e>
[delayed_job] Added PID file control. <52b593e>
[delayed_job] Monit now has a 10-minute timeout because the PID file being monitored is not generated until after delayed_job daemonizes. <52b593e>
[graylog] Upgraded to graylog 0.2.2. <51d9b26, 30fbbbc, fb0cff8, 8a72986, 0785b66>
[graylog] Added a tools proxy for the graylog server API browser. <899555a>
[graylog] Configured the mail transport. <686ce6b>
[passenger_nginx] Install Passenger/Nginx from packages instead of building by hand. <103feee, 0c6eb6a, 499c08c, 9a88ffe>
[passenger_nginx] Remove unneeded deploy.task blocks. <1b9b252>
[passenger_nginx] Removed munin passenger plugins. <a91f837>
[unicorn] Standardized Rake names with init script names (use terms "upgrade" and "kill"). <4c616ba>
[unicorn] Increased Unicorn upgrade timeout to 10 mins. <4c616ba>
[unicorn] Clarified log messages. <4c616ba>
[unicorn] Allow setting PID file and number of workers from Rubber config. <4c616ba>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed template calls to rubber.run_config (a regression introduced in 2.9.0). <66310a5>
[graylog] Prevent creating the same graylog inputs twice. <ad8a177>
[unicorn] Fixed unicorn init script. <4c616ba>
2.9.0 (06/02/2014)
New Features:
[core] Added support for private networking in Digital Ocean. <aee6114, c2c2059, 83fa02e, dbced9d, b1c9564, 54d6405, 55f7e13, bc1a05a>
[core, local_windows] Support for using rubber on Windows. <738cd3f, dd049bf, bd82f2a, 6bd51e7, f199cad, cfa3012, 329acad, 0b0afa3, 86bf2d0>
[delayed_job] Added Rails 4 compatibility. <c374142, 982f08b, 2f49cf7>
Bug Fixes:
[base] Updated the Digital Ocean image to one that works. <48f7984>
2.8.1 (05/01/2014)
Bug Fixes:
[core] Detect alternate location of secret file when it is moved into the /config/rubber dir on remote servers. <9bd12ad>
[core] Make sure add-apt-repository is available on Ubuntu > 12.04. <36c423d>
[core] Fixed compatibility with Vagrant 1.5.x. <55416f8>
[selenium_grid_hub] Replaced hard-coded app user with app_user variable. <afc7e9c>
[selenium_grid_hub] Fixed dynamic MaxPermSize. <abd46cd>
[web_tools] Underscores aren't valid in hostname, so convert to hyphens like we do everywhere else. <bbe0b81>
2.8.0 (03/30/2014)
New Features:
[base, core] Added the ability to specify a package manager mirror for faster package installation. <a127846>
[base] Use binstubs if available in the rubber script since it can be much faster, particularly on JRuby. <eefa30e>
[core] Suppress dpkg output to cut down on noise in setting up iptables firewall rules. <59997aa>
[core] Only upload the rubber config once, rather than everytime run_config is called. <1b14e73>
[core] There's no need to specially upload rubber config files when using a non-SCM deploy strategy. <3227440>
[core] Prevent tasks from running multiple times if mounting a volume to a location that would blow away the deploy directory. <c222684>
[core] Sped up config file transformation a bit by cutting down on file system operations. <5623fac>
[core] Defer loading of rubber encryption code until it's actually needed.
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed a bad env var reference in setting up iptables firewall rules. <1dc844a>
2.7.5 (03/28/2014)
[base] Upgraded ruby-build from 20140210 to 20140225 and bumped the default ruby version from 1.9.3-p484 to 2.0.0-p451. <396b72e>
[core] Install iptables if it's not already installed and it's needed to set up (non-EC2) firewall rules. <581c2e0>
[redis] Upgraded from redis 2.8.7 to 2.8.8. <8775a76>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed a problem whereby if a part of the :deploy_to path (e.g., /mnt) is remounted with an attached volume, the code may not deploy properly. <a98edcc>
2.7.4 (03/13/2014)
[graylog] Upgraded from Graylog 0.20.0 RC1 to 0.20.1. <67c3c77, 726b00a>
[redis] Upgraded from redis 2.8.5 to 2.8.7. <60e2e2b, 20ea7bc>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Only upload the iptables persistence scripts to the host that the rules are being generated for. <f6db5ed>
2.7.3 (02/12/2014)
[core] Be more aggressive about saving iptables rules to guard against unexpected shutdowns. <9c62aa1>
2.7.2 (02/12/2014)
*SECURITY WARNING*: Versions of rubber prior to this release will not save your iptables rules. Upon reboot of your
server, it will load with a clear set of rules, effectively making every port on your server publicly accessible.
Who is affected?
Anyone not using EC2. The EC2 code path uses EC2 security groups. All other providers use iptables.
How do I fix it?
Upgrade to rubber 2.7.2 and run `cap rubber:setup_security_groups`, which will both refresh the iptables rules and
set up the files needed to persist and releoad rules.
[base] Upgraded from ruby-build 20131220.1 to 20140210. <a1288ac>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Save and restore iptables rules upon reboot. <72526aa>
2.7.1 (02/04/2014)
[redis] Upgraded from redis 2.8.4 to 2.8.5. <630c671>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed a permissions problem with some files in the gem.
2.7.0 (02/03/2014)
New Features:
[core] Added a new @delayed_post option to template preambles to defer executing a command until all templates have been processed. <41cae48>
[delay_job] Added a new Delayed::Job role. <c7e33f5>
[discourse] Added a new Discourse role that will take care of deploying the Discourse forum software and dependencies. <f01eeac>
[ffmpeg] Added a new ffmpeg role. <23ba011>
[newrelic] Added a new role for setting up the NewRelic system daemons. <7bc89ce>
[core] Force shut down vSphere VMs when destroying an instance so the process isn't blocked if the machine doesn't shut down gracefully. <12bf770>
[elasticsearch] Upgraded ElasticSearch from 0.19.12 to 0.90.10 and switched to the official deb packages. <a399316, 804bd1f, 4ca29e2>
[graylog] Upgraded from graylog 0.9.6p1 to 0.20.0-rc1.1 <3476003, 4ca29e2>
[memcached] Added a monit template. <87763e9>
[memcached] Allow specifying the location of the PID file. <31bc9fb>
[memcached] Major overhaul of the memcached template to modernize it. <8757cf8, 4307270, 8cebb56, ae8d89a>
[mongodb] Monit will restart mongodb if the PID file doesn't exist. <7a57c3e>
[redis] Upgraded from redis 2.6.16 to 2.8.4 <3877205, 644e6ee>
[solr] Major overhaul of the solr template to modernize it. <a45046d, 2fc4779, 02e04b0, 676256d>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed issue with calling cap rubber:setup_security_groups on multiple hosts. <bb17621>
[core] Fixed volume creation on non-EC2 providers. <c49df54>
[elasticsearch] Remove the elasticsearch-head plugin before attempting to reinstall it. <6438b68>
[mysql] Delete all blank users initially to prevent issues with using a host value of '%'. <e75974a>
[passenger_nginx] Added missing 'nginx_log_dir' setting to rubber-passenger_nginx.yml. <e6c3cdf>
[passenger_nginx] Rebuild Passenger/Nginx when Ruby version changes. <fbb1e54>
[solr] Fixed some typos in the Solr configuration. <a45046d>
[unicorn] Fixed unicorn process management script. <c56a93c>
2.6.5 (01/07/2014)
Bug Fixes:
[base] Update instance name for DigitalOcean: Ubuntu 12.04.3 x64. <0d57e12>
[core] Fix vagrant 1.4.x sending array of ssh keys. <70fe6b6>
2.6.4 (12/23/2013)
[base] Upgraded ruby-build from 20131122.1 to 20131220.1. <c869c00>
[base] Upgraded default ruby from 1.9.3-p448 to 1.9.3-p484. <d843c0c>
Bug Fixes:
[core] :only => { :primary => true } getting clobbered <a9814c9>
[core] Clear out potentially cached state upon initialization if initializing Rubber twice in the same runtime. <1d9fe51>
2.6.3 (11/19/2013)
[core] Drastically improved the speed of repeated configuration lookups.
[core] Fixed a potential issue uploading backups to S3 if the bucket name contains the '.' character. <7ea9f39>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed creating EBS volumes (issue #417). <a7d47c5>
2.6.2 (11/07/2013)
[memcached] Added configuration of max memcached memory size through rubber var 'memcached_max_mem'. <ba28c39>
[cassandra] Quote all `` in Monit config template in case hostname conflicts with monit keyword. <61bd9b1>
[graphite] Quote all `` in Monit config template in case hostname conflicts with monit keyword. <61bd9b1>
[elasticsearch] Quote all `` in Monit config template in case hostname conflicts with monit keyword. <61bd9b1>
[graylog] Quote all `` in Monit config template in case hostname conflicts with monit keyword. <61bd9b1>
[jetty] Quote all `` in Monit config template in case hostname conflicts with monit keyword. <61bd9b1>
[mongrel] Quote all `` in Monit config template in case hostname conflicts with monit keyword. <61bd9b1>
[redis] Quote all `` in Monit config template in case hostname conflicts with monit keyword. <61bd9b1>
[sphinx] Quote all `` in Monit config template in case hostname conflicts with monit keyword. <61bd9b1>
[torquebox] Quote all `` in Monit config template in case hostname conflicts with monit keyword. <61bd9b1>
[zookeeper] Quote all `` in Monit config template in case hostname conflicts with monit keyword. <61bd9b1>
Bug Fixes:
[base] Fixed unknown method 'known_roles' when running create_staging. <44167c4>
[core] Fixed ip_address deprecation for digital ocean. <62d2e90>
[core] Fixed a thread safety issue in Capistrano via a monkey-patch. <f3f9086>
2.6.1 (11/06/2013)
[core] Don't try to connect to the fog compute or storage providers until we actually need them. <5536511>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed a bug attaching EBS volumes, introduced by a recent refactoring. <51d2619>
[core] Fixed setup_remote_aliases to work when an SSH gateway is in place. <3a776f9>
2.6.0 (11/05/2013)
New Features:
[core] Added a new provider for vSphere. See for configuration details.
[base] Upgraded to ruby-build 20131030 <214423d>
[base] Enhances database.yml to respond to active environment, not just 'production' <3843caf>
2.5.5 (10/16/2013)
New Features:
[base, core, postgresql] Added a uniform way of handling private network address blocks <61c5e0c>
[core] Added cleanup hook for 'vagrant destroy' for Vagrant version >= 1.3.0. <2a3c441>
[base] Vagrant base config now sets up key file for rubber to SSH into the machine <40c6c3c>
[base] Default staging_roles config now reflects the cluster more accurately <255a8e9>
[core] Only modify /etc/hosts on rubber:refresh if an IP address has actually changed <fe5e28e>
[core] Support iptables rules without port definitions <de744c1>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed a problem with tasks using the `:only` option being overwritten by rubber internally (#397) <d3ae2fa>
[core] Don't install fog 1.16.0 until we're able to sort out API compatiblities with it <346c99b>
[core] Present the $REBOOT value across multiple calls to `maybe_reboot` <f03dc22>
[web_tools] Proxied service hostnames should not have underscores since that would be an invalid hostname <055919f>
2.5.4 (09/26/2013)
[base] Upgdate AWS region options <9857010>
[base] Upgrade ruby-build to 20130923 <5c053cb>
[core] Far more efficient multi-port IPTables rules <1b13728, e15eb86>
[core] Handle new platforms, such as Mac, more gracefully <74d5831>
[redis] Upgraded redis from 2.6.13 to 2.6.16 <b18a89f>
[web_tools] Handle more redirect scenarios for proxied services <c73bcce>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed fail-fast behavior with nohup on AWS operations <cc1e299>
[core] Wait up until 2 minutes for EC2 tag creation <3b6819a>
[core] Set AWS region options for S3 <3bd20cd>
[passenger_nginx] Removed conflicting passenger_min_instances configuration <cd7b006>
[passenger_nginx] Added missing nginx_log_dir config <4684b26>
[redis] Fixed redis download link <8a2a47d>
2.5.3 (07/11/2013)
[base] Upgraded to ruby-build 20130628 and Ruby 1.9.3-p448. <caa9e06>
[base] Updated Digitial Ocean default zone info and image_id. <11502d2>
[base, core] Re-install the VirtualBox add-ons when upgrading the kernel in a Vagrant instance so you can package VMs properly.
[core] Ensure the SSH public key is installed for the user account if one is set. <75e7f20>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Allow the Vagrant plugin to interact with the local ruby installation when RVM is used. <98a061a>
[core] Make sure we note the Vagrant provider was used in the instance file. <d1573fe>
2.5.2 (06/13/2013)
Bug Fixes:
[core] Do not use the embedded Vagrant ruby installation by default.
2.5.1 (06/09/2013)
New Features:
[browsermob_proxy] Added a BrowserMob Proxy template.
[selenium_grid_hub] Added a Selenium Grid hub template.
[graylog] Use JDK 7 instead of JDK 6.
[jetty] Use JDK 7 instead of JDK 6.
Bug Fixes:
[core] Refresh already created instances in Vagrant so firewall rules are adjusted for any modified roles.
[core] Better handling of serial_tasks when no instances have a defined role.
[graylog] Fixed loading graylog-web in any environment other than "production."
2.5.0 (06/03/2013)
New Features:
[core] Added support for using Rubber as a Vagrant provisioner. Now you can run Rubber easily against local VMs.
[core] Don't pass nil SSH key file entries to Capistrano because it hides the error message and makes things really hard to track down.
2.4.2 (06/01/2013)
Bug Fixes:
[core, base] Tweaked the asset precompilation interop code to work in all cases now <c24b72e>
2.4.1 (05/30/2013)
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed a problem with transforming templates that reference the "current" directory as part of a deploy <21e3b92>
[sidekiq] Only try to silence sidekiq if current_path actually exists <f20bd94>
2.4.0 (05/24/2013)
New Features:
[core] DigitalOcean is now supported as a cloud provider
[core] Added a "generic" cloud provider for connecting to dedicated hardware, VMs, and otherwise unsupported cloud providers
Bug Fixes:
[core] Trigger rubber:config after deploy:update_code so machines with both a DB and the asset pipeline can bootstrap properly <dc5d0b2>
2.3.1 (05/12/2013)
Bug Fixes:
[mysql] Use more common percona-toolkit package. <e40b323>
2.3.0 (05/11/2013)
New Features:
[core] Added a --fakeroot option to rake rubber:config task to aid in debbugging rubber templates. <20e3fb0>
[collectd] Added a :status task to check the status of a remote service. <55f593a>
[graphite] Added a :status task to check the status of a remote service. <55f593a>
[memcached] Added a :status task to check the status of a remote service. <55f593a>
[mongodb] Added a :status task to check the status of a remote service. <55f593a>
[monit] Added a :status task to check the status of a remote service. <55f593a>
[nginx] Added a :status task to check the status of a remote service. <55f593a>
[unicorn] Added a :status task to check the status of a remote service. <55f593a>
[base] Upgraded from ruby-build 20130222 to 20130501. <4ea28f8>
[base] Configure Capistrano to compile assets on the `app` role, not the `web` one, in order to better match a typical Rubber project layout. <9c8096e>
[core] Allow customizing Capistrano config that rubber has traditionally taken ownership of. <ff69b52>
[graphite] Removed redundant ping check. <9950dc4>
[memcached] Added a rotate_logs cron job for memached. <f4d49ac>
[mongodb] Added a rotate_logs cron job for MongoDB. <b93665d>
[nginx] Allow configuration of the nginx log directory. <f4ef26f>
[nginx] Removed "text/html" from the gzip config to get rid of a warning message. <2429a7d>
[passenger_nginx] Upgraded to Passenger 3.0.19 and nginx 1.2.8. <48fd214, 9a8d81c>
[passenger_nginx] Added HTTP_X_QUEUE_START CGI param to work better with NewRelic. <48fd214>
[redis] Upgrade to redis 2.6.13 <9fb33e2>
Bug Fixes:
[base] Fixed a typo in the cloud storage example configuration. <409137b>
[core] Honor the `host` option in the rubber:config rake task. <9477b8b>
[core] Fixed an issue with `symbolize_keys` and nested hashes that was resulting in broken MX record requests for Route 53. <13fdffd>
[core] Fixed an issue with vulcanizing multiple templates at once. <abca6e3>
[core] Fixed a problem with newer Capistrano/HighLine causing role names to be serialized incorrectly in an instance file. <9ea1fa6>
[elasticsearch] The upstart script lies about the service status, causing us to think the service is running when it isn't and thus preventing proper start up. <81aab0e>
[graphite] The upstart script lies about the service status, causing us to think the service is running when it isn't and thus preventing proper start up. <d92f077>
[mongodb] The upstart script lies about the service status, causing us to think the service is running when it isn't and thus preventing proper start up. <d92f077>
[mysql] Maatkit is now part of percona-tools, so our package name was outdated. <2e8d5f6>
[redis] The upstart script lies about the service status, causing us to think the service is running when it isn't and thus preventing proper start up. <d92f077>
[torquebox] The upstart script lies about the service status, causing us to think the service is running when it isn't and thus preventing proper start up. <d92f077>
2.2.4 (03/05/2013)
Bug Fixes:
[mysql] Reverted the service status check since it returns a success status code even if MySQL isn't running.
2.2.3 (03/04/2013)
[base] Updated the default set of gemsources
[base] Updated to the latest Ubuntu 12.0.4 LTS AMI
Bug Fixes:
[all] Don't fail starting a service if it's already running.
2.2.2 (02/22/2013)
[base] Updated to ruby-build 20130222 to get the latest MRI and JRuby security releases <401da62>
[memcached] Switched from memcache-client to dalli for the client gem, as dalli is actually maintained and overall better <2cfc235>
Bug Fixes:
[base] Fixed #287: Failure converting from RVM to ruby-build <c787fdf>
[sidekiq] Fixed #281: sidekiq refuses to run with stdin: is not a tty error <45697bf>
[sidekiq] Fixed monit config for Sidekiq, which shouldn't be using binstubs <3f28b6d>
2.2.1 (02/11/2013)
[core] Push alias changes in local instance.yml files to cloud tags <1adebd0>
[core] Namespaced capistrano role tasks <48fb78e>
[base] Moved security group configuration to rubber.yml <ccc9f3e>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Added support for lambdas in role options for optional tasks <72ff4b9>
[core] Added support for lambdas in role options for serial tasks <35716a6>
2.2.0 (02/08/2013)
New Features:
[core] Switched license to Apache Software License version 2
[base] Replaced RVM with ruby-build.
[base] Add ability to obfuscate rubber secret file (MRI only) <c9d8aac>
[postgresql] basic slave promotion for postgresql <8b96f71>
[sidekiq] Added a sidekiq template. <bc31d00>
[solr] Added a Solr 4 template <8a5b041>
[torquebox] Added support for logging to Graylog2 from TorqueBox. <b2685d5>
[core] Upgraded to net-ssh 2.6, as it supposedly fixes all the connection problems we've been seeing with 2.5.x. <9b32ecb>
[core] Allow the rubber:start task to start multiple instances <432f95e>
[core] Allow rubber:stop to manage multiple instances <7dd6ea2>
[core] Improve logging and handling of instance validation <c3e5e9b>
[base] Bumped up to the latest Ruby 1.9.3-p385 release. <140abd1>
[base] update ubuntu ami to latest 12.04, make default instance size c1.medium to improve initial user experience <a270c7b>
[complete_passenger, complete_passenger_nginx, complete_unicorn_nginx] remove db template dependancy from complete_* templates <5be6300>
[complete_unicorn_nginx] complete_unicorn_nginx template doesn't need haproxy <54faef3>
[elasticsearch] Upgraded Elastic Search from 0.19.3 to 0.19.12. <96e5aa0>
[graphite] Added a monit file for graphite. <87eafab>
[graphite] Added more control to graphite config. <8a2b84e>
[graphite] Allow re-mounting the graphite storage directory elsewhere since it can fill the root store rather quickly. <80f5527>
[graphite] Hook up ping data from collectd to graphite. <e8d466b>
[graphite] Migrate graphite_web to uwsgi <aaebea8>
[graphite] Upgraded graphite from 0.9.9 to 0.9.10. <733937f>
[passenger, torquebox] Be a bit safer about assets & CDNs by default. <197eb93>
[passenger] bump passenger version <9fde4bf>
[redis] Upgrade redis from 2.4.16 to 2.4.18. <d1a9e06>
[sphinx] Updated sphinx custom_install task to use correct download url and changed version to latest stable release <b61df24>
[torquebox] We no longer need to restart TorqueBox completely on deploy, since the memory leak & deploy race condition requiring it have been removed. <636c78f>
[torquebox] Upgraded from TorqueBox 2.2.0 to 2.3.0. <a95554c>
Bug Fixes:
[core] Set up the elastic IP when it doesn't match the instance's current external IP <ea960c9>
[core] Fix reboot behavior so SSH connections are re-established upon reboot. <d77ce29>
[core] Fixed some Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility issues.
[core] Fix syntax error in start_instances() <d23ad3c>
[core] Clean up broken method call in stopping instances <dd90c5f>
[core] Bugfix: net-ssh requires :keys to be an array, not string <74f10d3>
[core] Fix threading for start_instances() <a0c3930>
[apache] Added missing packages to make SendFile work on Apache. <6c7f84e>
[base] quote account number to allow for leading 0s in rubber.yml<b46b674>
[complete_unicorn_nginx] unicorn_nginx template does not exist <52953fa>
[graphite] Bugfix: Graphite depends on collectd. <5f7de4a>
[graphite] Move graphite nginx config to nginx role <c92e8d3>
[resque] resque only has its own roles now, so fix to make sure resque_worker role gets vulcanized <7dbca27>
[torquebox] TorqueBox should not reference Passenger at all. <9db2dff>
2.1.2 (10/05/2012)
New Features:
[core] Allowing marking of a config variable as overriding the ones that come before it, so that non-scalar values (lists/maps) get overridden instead of combined <3d66fc8>
[core] Allow erb in rubber*.yml <60e6394>
2.1.1 (10/02/2012)
New Features:
[base] add ability to override by environment in rubber*.yml <f4c4af3>
[couchbase, monit] add couchbase template <550dff4>
[core] Updated sudo_script to sudo to any user. <288ef5d>
[apache, jenkins] create an apache bootstrap so jenkins template doesn't have to duplicate logic <5862791>
[complete_passenger, passenger] do a rolling passenger restart by tieing into apache rolling restart <065d757>
[complete_passenger] dont do health check over ssl by default (Fails with self signed cert) <a5a8da7>
[graylog] Updated graylog from 0.9.6 to 0.9.6p1. <864795c>
[graylog] Use puma instead of passenger for graylog-web, since it works much better with JRuby. <7419705>
[jenkins] Added support for backing up Jenkins. <a44162d>
[jenkins] Fixed Jenkins config. <bbaa6f4>
[jenkins] Make sure we have the header module enabled for the config to work. <93d03d8>
[passenger] Bumped rubber from 3.0.12 to 3.0.15. <bc408f1>
[passenger_nginx] Updated Nginx config to improve performance of asset pipeline. <7184327>
[torquebox] Updated TorqueBox config from 2.0.3 to 2.1.0. <13a0268>
Bug Fixes:
[core] fix merging of alias records <d314857>
[core] Refactor to avoid fog deprecation, fixes #222 <43ea42f>
[core] assign defaults for partial records in rubber-dns.yml when running setup_dns_records <a72a701>
[monit] monit check for resque scheduler - fixes #221 <34a4fde>
[mysql] Delete anonymous MySQL user when bootstrapping the db. Fixes #185 (pull request #212) <ce84ff2>
[torquebox] Always use the rubber system JRuby with Torquebox. <9c03a02>
2.1.0 (08/20/2012)
New Features:
[unicorn] Added unicorn, complete_unicorn template, thanks messick!
[redis] Bumped the redis version from 2.4.12 to 2.4.16. <ab6923e>
[zookeeper] bumped up zookeeper to 3.3.6 <409dbac>
[nginx, passenger_nginx, resque] Add nginx web_tools proxies with same strategy as apache, thanks messick!
[core] updated fog ~> 1.5
Bug Fixes:
[base] allow port specific source_group rules in security_groups, allow source_groups to refer to groups in other projects <b6dba33>
[postgresql] Added sudo flag to change $HOME when running Postgresql commands, thanks infamouse <b3ff1ff>
[core] Handle finding a host for an empty domain, fixes #199 <6ba2181>
[core] with stopping exec queue, mdadm will not be able to create RAID array, thanks messick! <5662653>
[core] more friendly split for arguments, fixes #196 <5af6777>
[core] We need to close a file before we can unlink it in JRuby >= 1.7. <beb7bf0>
[core] call fatal, not fail method - fixes #204 <56fb7dd>
2.0.8 (08/01/2012)
[core] fix update of dns for instances <f57145c>
[core] Merge commits shouldn't be in the changelog. <bdff81a>
[core] Another typo fix. <bcc2381>
[core] Fixed a typo. <2c8ec30>
[core] Simplified new features in 2.0.6 release to highlight what was added. <a9a1ba1>
2.0.7 (08/01/2012)
[core] remove useless log msg <09c1a16>
[core] fix deprecation msg <c52c35f>
[core] uncomment the code that updates dns <df46f39>
2.0.6 (08/01/2012)
New Features:
Added a template for resque-scheduler.
[core] multi-host rubber:reboot <56ef06f>
[core] update nettica to work with new rubber-dns.yml format <1bfa525>
[base] format change to better support multi-value records like MX, round robin A, etc refactor to better handle route53/zerigo differences in fog add export_dns_records to allow dumping from provider to a rubber-dns.yml format <7c806cf>
[base] update base ami <be8c0f4>
Bug Fixes:
[core] isolate security groups from global namespace so having a key with the same name as a capistrano role doesn't cause problems <41ba2cf>
[core] make cron logs more user friendly and prevent exponential explosion of files in log dir due to interaction with rubber:util:rotate_logs <7e11a7f>
[core] fix nettica support (fix super call, credentials) <14fd048>
[core] don't attempt to read a non-existant instance file in cloud storage <c4d11ac>
[core] Avoid error if localtime file already exists <cff1fb4>
[base] whitelist ssh-related variables in sudoers so capistrano tasks can take advantage of ssh-agent forwarding <1009e7b>
[collectd] add to env variable whitelist rather than overwrite it <dff23f7>
[elasticsearch] Ensure unzip package present for elasticsearch <40af636>
[graphite] fix for multiple targets in graph defn <b72c469>
[jenkins] removed hardcoded application, thanks to scotterc for finding this <b5b26b4>
[jenkins] sun-java6 fails on Ubuntu 10.04 <88779a9>
[passenger] Removed the code to remove from Rails apps as it's no longer needed in Passenger 3. <517d23e>
[postgresql] Fixed an issue with PostgreSQL messing with casing on us. <72e63b5>
[resque] connect to redis_master role, rather than just redis <f778dc8>
[resque] explicitly make Rubber.root a string <c0852b2>
[resque] placeholder config for dev <d855381>
[resque] rails_env was changed to Rubber.env a while ago I believe <2376db2>
[torquebox] Ensure unzip package present for torquebox <7f4d7aa>
[zookeeper] fix zookeeper server ids <3273b53>
2.0.5 (06/12/2012)
New Features:
[torquebox] Initial work on a TorqueBox template. <160557b>
[torquebox] Merge pull request #154 from wr0ngway/add_torquebox <d750ecb>
[torquebox] [torquebox] Bumped to TorqueBox 2.0.3 from 2.0.2. <2851768>
[torquebox] [torquebox] Do rolling deploys with TorqueBox so the site doesn't go down when deploying. <8582889>
Bug Fixes:
[core] force older version of net-ssh till issues get resolved <5b8c2f7>
[core] Fix typo causing Ubuntu 11+ to time out waiting for incorrect volume id <cf1dfa4>
[core] Merge pull request #168 from akremer/fstab_fix <9d2e6fc>
[core] Restore fstab.bak if EBS times out <b27cc79>
[apache] use dash instead of another subdomain level for web tool proxy hosts to prevent ssl complaints with wildcard certs <8237bac>
[cassandra, collectd, elasticsearch, graphite, graylog, jenkins, mongodb, mysql_cluster, redis, zookeeper] be more strict in selecting role directory during bootstrap <f8818e4>
[complete_passenger_nginx] Changed passenger_nginx role dependencies so that web_tools can be run on a separate instance. <8a3cefb>
[complete_passenger_nginx] Merge pull request #166 from rwc9u/web_tools_nginx_multi_instance <44ec7e1>
[passenger_nginx] Changed nginx.conf to only include the tools.conf on an instance that has the web_tools role. See the following thread where this change was discussed: <376428f>
[passenger_nginx] Merge pull request #165 from rwc9u/web_tools_nginx <88ab69a>
2.0.4 (05/15/2012)
Bug Fixes:
[apache] make sure admin uis know we are ssl so they generate correct urls <b6409da>
[collectd] fix syntax error <205a07a>
[resque] use puma to run resque server as a rackup with rails environment loaded so resque-retry can find job classes <518eb27>
2.0.3 (05/11/2012)
New Features:
[core] Support for Route53 ALIAS records so the zone apex can be pointed at ELB groups
[core] Auto-add domain name to host records in Route 53 so user-facing config is much simpler
[passenger] Upgraded to Passenger 3.0.12 from 3.0.11
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed an issue with wildcard hosts in Route 53.
[core] Fixed an issue with creating an MX record in Route 53 (NB: we still cannot create multiple MX records).
[collect] Fixed an issue deploying if a graphite_server doesn't exist in the cluster
2.0.2 (05/08/2012)
New Features:
[graylog] Added an admin UI for ElasticSearch
[base] Use ntpd instead of cron for syncing time
[core] Auto-reboot for kernel updates on initial instance bootstrap rather than prompting the user to reboot
[redis] Upgraded to redis 2.4.12 from 2.4.11
Bug Fixes:
[core] Fixed issue with Route 53 DNS not updating records properly
[core] Wait for EBS volumes to be fully attached before trying to format them
[core] Fixed issue with running `rubber config` locally
[collectd] Made the runner executable
[graphite] Fixed some broken URLs in the dashboard
[passenger] Fixed issue with using a path to before capistrano completed setting it up.
[resque] Replaced a hard-coded reference to the resque-pool PID file with the rubber configured one
[resque] Append to the resque-pool.log file rather than overwrite it
[zookeeper] Fixed the detection of an existing zookeeper installation
2.0.1 (04/29/2012)
New Features:
[base] Added the ability to supply additional arguments to RVM (e.g., to install additional patches or modify compile arguments)
[graphite] Added a simple graphite dashboard suitable for TV display
[redis] Upgraded to redis 2.4.11 from 2.4.6
[base] Upgraded to RVM 1.13.0 from 1.10.2
[base] Upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04
Bug Fixes:
[base] Assorted fixes/workarounds for 12.04
[collectd] Fixed an issue with libperl and collectd
[redis] Fixed an issue with the redis role not installing the zip packaged, needed for backup
2.0.0 (04/24/2012)
New Features:
Refactored cloud layer to use fog, implement rubber use of aws/s3 with fog
Abstract out s3 to go through rubber cloud layer (fog)
Allow simpledb, s3 or alternate file for instance storage, with backups to same
Added Graylog recipe
Added Elasticsearch recipe
Added Unicorn recipe [Thanks Alex Kremer]
Added Graphite recipe
Added Collectd recipe
Added Graylog to complete_passenger template
Make collectd/graphite default instead of munin
Use resque-pool to manage resque workers
Option to reboot if neccessary after package update
Added a rubber binary and used it for running everything (cron, etc, removed dependency on rake)
Added JRuby support
Start using upstart for all daemons (complete_passenger_postgresql, resque, graylog)
Better discovery of roles, default staging instance to these roles
Replace global RUBBER_* vars in ruby with Rubber.*
Bump image to latest 10.04
check harder when determining project roles <7570d47> [Matt Conway]
Cleanup crosscutting templates (monit, munin, collectd) to be self contained
Remove hard dependency on nettica and lazy load it
Upgraded config for PostgreSQL 9.1. [Thanks Kevin Menard]
Upgraded to redis 2.4. [Thanks Kevin Menard]
Bump rvm/ruby/rake/rubygems versions
Bump passenger version
Asset pipeline support for rails 3.1, cleanup some rails detection issues
Extract fog dns from zerigo to allow other providers
Respawn cap/rake with bundler if needed
Proxy services on their own tools subhost to avoid issues with rewriting paths in CSS and JS [Thanks Kevin Menard]
Automate web tools proxy mappings for IP aliases in /etc/host, dns, and web_tools index and vhosts files
Added a rails template for creating a rails app to test rubber
Include instance_type in rubber:describe
Replaced zerigo_dns gem usage with fog [Thanks Kevin Menard]
Changed PostgreSQL defaults to make better use of memory for shared_buffers
Bug Fixes:
fix mongo monit to remove pidfile or mongo won't start
fix mongo bootstrap
make start/stop consistent, only restart when bootstrap necessary
fix redis bootstrap
fix resque_web bootstrap
update redis to use upstart, thereby removing hackish dual install
fix rvm installer url
add back in base postgresql role
fix db backup host
validate config set, create image bucket on bundle
made setup_remote_aliases update /etc/hosts for each host directly, preserve ordering to be consistent with setup_local_aliases
Fix volume mounting [Thanks Alex Kremer]
We shouldn't have a dependency on plpythonu. [Thanks Kevin Menard]
Fixes to nginx/passenger [Thanks Ajay Kumar G]
make sure open4 gets bundled
fix create_staging for pre-existing instance
Ensure Zerigo makes calls using XML in 3.1 [Thanks Alex Kremer]
Fix suggestion in rubber.yml on how to list availability zones. [Thanks Maxim Chernyak aka hakunin]
Locked the default version of Ruby down to a particular patch release so by default an entire cluster will use the same ruby [Thanks Kevin Menard]
Ruby 1.9.3 fixes with nginx
1.15.0 (09/13/2011)
New Features:
Added PostgreSQL streaming replication configuration (thanks Kevin Menard)
Added the ability to specify mount options for volumes (thanks Alex Kremer)
Added a minimal Passenger nginx configuration (thanks Will Koehler)
Added SSL support for nginx-passenger (thanks Michael Glass)
Added staging environment support fon nginx-passenger (thanks Michael Glass)
Resque-web now runs as an unpriviliged user (thanks Scott Carleton)
Better error message when having issues loading the Zerigo gem (thanks Rupert Meese)
Upgraded Passenger to 3.0.9 (thanks Kevin Menard)
Upgraded Redis to 2.2.13 (thanks Kevin Menard)
Better .gemrc file setup (thanks Kevin Menard)
Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue with setting up redis on Ubuntu 11.04 (thanks Kevin Menard)
Fixed an issue with mysql-proxy not being added to the correct run level (thanks Alex Kremer)
Fixed a typo in the passenger_nginx module name (thanks Alex Kremer)
Fixed an issue with the munin generated Web site location (thanks Will Koehler)
Fixed the open4 require issue (thanks Will Koehler)w
Fixed a bunch of nginx-related issues (thanks Will Koehler)
Fixed an environmental issue running ntpdate (thanks Will Koehler)
Fixed compatibility issues with the Psych parser used in Ruby 1.9.2 (thanks Kevin Menard)
Fixed timing issue with multiple resque workers starting (thanks Matt Conway)
Fixed an issue with hostnames that happen to be monit commands (thanks Michael Glass)
1.14.1 (06/02/2011)
Upgraded the version of RVM installed by default
Switched from using our own installation method to using the new RVM installer
1.14.0 (06/02/2011)
Projects using bundler will now run rake with bundle exec
Added ability to lockdown the version of rake that RVM will install (vulcanize base for the changes)
Added the image type and ID for each instance to the instance file
Fixed an issue with LVM groups keeping physical volumes in /etc/fstab
Fixed an issue using the mysql2 adapter with the stock MySQL config
Disable ri and rdoc generation on new hosts
fix npe <184cbac> [Matt Conway]
Merge pull request #61 from dzinevich/e173588f4018bc118785bd3806d262ce3bdd033d <0bfb5c2> [Kevin Menard]
make workaround so ebs works with 11.04 <e173588> [Denis Zinevich]
allow specifying a common role dependency for all instances <f49b662> [Matt Conway]
allow one to specify HOSTand ROLES when testing rake rubber:config in dev <56b3c8c> [Matt Conway]
Merged pull request #57 from drync/no_rvmrc. <9aee319> [Matt Conway]
Exclude .rvmrc from NO_SCM deploys <3fa1502> [Savanah Cummings]
Forgot target roles for start/stop/restart <9b916e8> [Alex Kremer]
Fix enabling multiverse on newer canonical AMIs (ie Maverick) <dcf81fa> [Alex Kremer]
Initial commit of MongoDB Template <c4f7640> [Alex Kremer]
allow FORCE on destroy_all <0db9347> [Matt Conway]
Removing a function that wasn't meant to be committed :( <8538041> [Jordan Brock]
Added support for changing the region end point, using the EC2 gem "server" key. <326448f> [Jordan Brock]
Forgot target roles for start/stop/restart <9b916e8> [Alex Kremer]
Fix enabling multiverse on newer canonical AMIs (ie Maverick) <dcf81fa> [Alex Kremer]
Initial commit of MongoDB Template <c4f7640> [Alex Kremer]
allow FORCE on destroy_all <0db9347> [Matt Conway]
Removing a function that wasn't meant to be committed :( <8538041> [Jordan Brock]
Added support for changing the region end point, using the EC2 gem "server" key. <326448f> [Jordan Brock]
improve commit filter for changelog <6298227> [Matt Conway]
don't delete security groups when answer is negative <fbba5de> [Matt Conway]
fix enabling root user for create/refresh with multiple instances <db5a227> [Matt Conway]
latest stable ami <84da0eb> [Matt Conway]
Revert "Allow backing up and restoring multiple databases in a given environment." <e382e9b> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'master' of <ea26d35> [Matt Conway]
hopefully fix task my_release <21a41d5> [Matt Conway]
Allow backing up and restoring multiple databases in a given environment. <add1ef6> [Kevin Menard]
fix for ruby 1.8.7 <16bb626> [Matt Conway]
Regenerate gemspec for version 1.12.0 <ff2307d> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'master' into multi_instance_creation <984f62b> [Matt Conway]
add ranges to filters, add filter validation <ac1ee6d> [Matt Conway]
don't override default_run_options we don't set <f8b672a> [Matt Conway]
initial version allowing one to create/destroy multiple instances with a single command <6f5b5a8> [Matt Conway]
fix passenger version check <68ac0cd> [Matt Conway]
Regenerate gemspec for version 1.11.0 <1358116> [Kevin Menard]
We've been using RVM for a while now, so time to kill that warning message. <1d29137> [Kevin Menard]
Make the generated Rakefile play nicer with bundler and rubber transformation. <90f6702> [Kevin Menard]
Truly make the DBPASS field optional. <ba0aa56> [Kevin Menard]
Allow creation of LVM volumes over ephemeral devices. <319e80b> [Kevin Menard]
Bumped passenger version. <d4b4950> [Kevin Menard]
add detach volume <9daa912> [Matt Conway]
fix passing of passwd to mysqldump <143d467> [Matt Conway]
Added new feature to lock down the version of RubyGems installed on a cluster by RVM. <652f908> [Kevin Menard]
Bumped the version of RVM so we can get the latest security fix releases of Ruby. <9fb2383> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'master' of <58d3209> [Kevin Menard]
Upgraded redis to 2.2.1. <aa0aa31> [Kevin Menard]
Bumped Passenger to version 3.0.3. <cad658a> [Kevin Menard]
sphinx default port has changed to 9312 <eee2bd0> [Nick Plante]
Merge branch 'master' of <2ff0188> [Nick Plante]
fix file write for db restoration <15fe2e0> [Nick Plante]
Regenerate gemspec for version 1.10.2 <4f49701> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'master' of <e32671f> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed issue #41: rvm installation exits prematurely. <8a4bced> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed issue #28: postgresql with password fails <97270e3> [Kevin Menard]
fix file write for db restoration <51b1117> [Matt Conway]
Bumped passenger version. <2547950> [Kevin Menard]
Note that a release had been yanked. <d636389> [Kevin Menard]
Regenerate gemspec for version 1.10.1 <8a178a9> [Kevin Menard]
Changed the redis configuration so we can do replication. <4ce546d> [Kevin Menard]
prevent long running compile from timing out ssh connection, better version checks, hack to prevent rvm breaking path <64299e2> [Matt Conway]
update rvm ver <e60b946> [Matt Conway]
sleep to prevent race condition between ps/nohup, longer sleep between dots <84c362c> [Matt Conway]
stop setting constants in erb templates to silence warnings <ab74f24> [Matt Conway]
use psych if there <1cbf64d> [Matt Conway]
1.10.0 (yanked due to bug in creating gem with RubyGems 1.5.0)
Regenerate gemspec for version 1.10.0 <c8d5535> [Matt Conway]
Add FILTER_ROLES and negation to both FILTER and FILTER_ROLES <a2f4574> [Matt Conway]
fix some tests <e038b16> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'master' of <a9a6b09> [Matt Conway]
allow one to ignore security group sync <4d42438> [Matt Conway]
allow redis to bgsave when memory is tight <c928458> [Matt Conway]
Regenerate gemspec for version 1.9.1 <efaf38c> [Kevin Menard]
Added a sample snippet for creating LVM volumes. <42f09ec> [Kevin Menard]
Regenerate gemspec for version 1.9.0 <5d296e4> [Kevin Menard]
Added the ability to set up LVM volumes. <89e865c> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed a typo. <26eda95> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'master' of into bpaul-master <91fc6ff> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'master' of into jcrumpton-master <a4a3f24> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'master' of <ef88020> [Matt Conway]
specify raid metadata level and admin email <c841ee2> [Matt Conway]
extra error checking to make it easier to see yml failures <c89e97a> [Matt Conway]
fix pub key docs <9c69976> [Matt Conway]
fix postgresql recipe roles <873a3b9> [Matt Conway]
A couple of Sphinx updates: Updated the location of the download on Bumped the default version to 0.9.9 <d6695c3> [Barry Paul]
fixed typo <45b8a07> [James Crumpton]
It's no longer gemcutter:release. <f04deb1> [Kevin Menard]
Regenerate gemspec for version 1.8.0 <1a924f5> [Kevin Menard]
Bumped the version of Passenger to 3.0.1. <c419f34> [Kevin Menard]
Bumped the version of RVM. <52c9891> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'tags_support' <3396ceb> [Kevin Menard]
Handle Amazon being slow to update. <e89a7ae> [Kevin Menard]
Added a comment to help people that change their ServerName from the default. <71ce99a> [Kevin Menard]
We need this perl package for the postgres munin plugins. <4ae9e6c> [Kevin Menard]
We need a newer amazon-ec2 for tags support. <90b20ba> [Kevin Menard]
Added support for creating and updating tags on EC2 instances. <d29eda9> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'master' of <5ca9ce0> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed issue with RVM, ruby 1.9.2, and passenger munin plugins. <623400b> [Kevin Menard]
Set up munin for PostgreSQL. <4f9874e> [Kevin Menard]
Fixes for raiding ephemeral drives <7a0c0d2> [Matt Conway]
Watch attachment status for more reliable ebs mounts <44ebdae> [Matt Conway]
Updated config for PostgreSQL 9. <9ade749> [Kevin Menard]
Don't show Passenger 3 friendly error pages in production. <126093a> [Kevin Menard]
Updated config for redis 2.0. <f4ed84a> [Kevin Menard]
Support installation of redis 2.0. <e340091> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'master' of <4269178> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed bug with RVM ruby location and updated to the latest version. <bd8805b> [Kevin Menard]
Improved passenger 3 setup. <b72c5c0> [Kevin Menard]
Changes passenger generator to use version 3.0.0 and removes deprecated option. <b64f623> [Kristopher Murata]
Skipping SSL certificate check on wget to github due to wget bug. More info: <3d0562e> [caike souza]
Merge branch 'master' of <48269b5> [Matt Conway]
allow rubber:config in test as well as dev <8954cd6> [Matt Conway]
'primary' hash key needs to be a string not a symbol <d7075f2> [richard]
'primary' hash key needs to be a string not a symbol <be6a610> [richard]
Merge branch 'master' of <9cd568a> [Kevin Menard]
Updated resque worker management script to allow monit to forcibly shut down workers. <f15bd59> [Kevin Menard]
Updated to a version of RVM that works. <e14629c> [Kevin Menard]
I am an idiot for removing this. This is necessary for Rails 3 apps to work with Rubber as a plugin. <1666e58> [Kevin Menard]
Better support for Windows in some cases. <a8f3192> [Kevin Menard]
Enhanced describe_bundles. <6f2b1f4> [Kevin Menard]
Added support for starting EC2 instances with EBS root devices. <9296921> [Kevin Menard]
Added support for stopping EC2 instances with EBS root devices. <a2a70ec> [Kevin Menard]
Added reboot command for rebooting stuck EC2 instances. <1d29437> [Kevin Menard]
Much better way to get an instance's internal IP. <dcf97a3> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed rake gems:install issue with Rails 2. <73c47a8> [Kevin Menard]
RVM bump. <14b52bc> [Kevin Menard]
Use the latest Ubuntu AMIs. <7a15b0d> [Kevin Menard]
We shouldn't try to SSH into Windows machines. <f921685> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed issue with Rakefile generation for Rails 2.x. <f239f0e> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed RVM installation. <79dcf17> [Kevin Menard]
Bump the version of RVM. <324e939> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'master' of <51a016c> [Matt Conway]
stop loading rails within rubber as bundler in rails3 breaks everything by setting ENV[GEM_PATH], you may need to update your templates to use RUBBER_ENV/ROOT instead of RAILS_ENV/ROOT <8f4a0db> [Matt Conway]
fix changelog gen <c5a8d83> [Matt Conway]
Fix the API name for 32-bit medium CPU instance. <ec415ce> [Kevin Menard]
Handle timeout better for initial connect <fd582da> [Matt Conway]
fix passenger references to gem home to always point to global (rvm) one <51f1f8a> [Matt Conway]
fix find to handle filenames with spaces, prune bundle from permissions change <56b72ae> [Matt Conway]
use canonical bundler deploy <299a405> [Matt Conway]
new amis, update to rails 3 final <d59b889> [Matt Conway]
update to rvm 1.0.1 <b8e57df> [Matt Conway]
try alternate timeout for instance connection hang issue <e72a881> [Matt Conway]
quote env vars to keep crontab happy <1240818> [Matt Conway]
allow access to calling generator so can determine stuff like fake_root <fa6354c> [Matt Conway]
refactor create using refresh <12df4c4> [Matt Conway]
save config in refresh <cdb8344> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'master' of <9d6ca8a> [Matt Conway]
force unattended apt-get for some rare cases <94fa160> [Matt Conway]
fixed typo <2382e8d> [Matt Conway]
mongrel custom_install should be rvm agnostic <b620f71> [Matt Conway]
setup_gem_sources should precede install_gems on rvm <52f9d48> [Matt Conway]
Restore DynDNS update support <80f3c0e> [Matt Conway]
update munin conf for new ubuntu package <672db55> [Matt Conway]
exclude unneeded/large files during noscm deploy <286c8da> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'master' of <3da29cb> [Matt Conway]
use specific rvm version to stop rubber breaking everytime they change stuff <71cba60> [Matt Conway]
Don't try to set up SSH access on Windows hosts. <e1df646> [Kevin Menard]
increase ulimit for cassandra <e45bae1> [Matt Conway]
only existingg config files should be listed to fix non-existing env yml when doing a push_config <9fbb7ba> [Matt Conway]
add an environment specific rubber.yml file <8f8366e> [Matt Conway]
set ruby ver to more stable 1.9.2 (rvm currently maps it to preview3, but will map it to actual 1.9.2 when released) <5fa8763> [Matt Conway]
extra test <0ff8aba> [Matt Conway]
fix some test failures <9ac276b> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'master' into merge <6599fcb> [Matt Conway]
add missing stuff from create to refresh to aid in sertting instance details for a partially failed create <a7ac958> [Matt Conway]
clean string from instance arch to remove newlines <1b1052f> [Matt Conway]
tell bundler to not install dev/test gems <a3a7d3b> [Matt Conway]
use correct path for passenger ruby for newer rvm <dcff158> [Matt Conway]
fix wget params for cassandra <d521eb1> [Matt Conway]
set rvmrc before installing <df111ef> [Matt Conway]
Don't do a rake gems:install if bundler is in use. <511cac1> [Kevin Menard]
Don't require rubber to be used as a plugin for Rails 2. <60165e3> [Kevin Menard]
New release. <fad9bbb> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed issue with dependent modules in Rails 2 generator. <84a0259> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed an issue with mysqldump and empty passwords. <708f053> [Kevin Menard]
Removed unnecessary puts statement. <0e81cdc> [Kevin Menard]
Fix for incomplete path. <b18743f> [Kevin Menard]
Ubuntu changed the location of its service command, so we can't rely on any given path for it. <e82e7b1> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed a problem with installing gems listed in environment.rb. <aa2b516> [Kevin Menard]
Added a warning message about upgrading rubber and RVM. <0d30207> [Kevin Menard]
New rubber version. <0d786b5> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed issues in using rubber for non-Rails projects. <0f32f2c> [Kevin Menard]
Support optional files in templates.yml for Rails 2 apps, too. <56cd5e2> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed an issue with vulcanize on Rails 2. <0151382> [Kevin Menard]
Added ability to diverge template behavior for Rails 2 & Rails 3. <682e40f> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed a spacing bug. <7e56d16> [Kevin Menard]
Added utility methods to clean things up a bit. <97f50cd> [Kevin Menard]
Install gems for Rails 2. <ab3fa74> [Kevin Menard]
Avoiding adding dependencies that screw up Rails 2 & Rails 3. <22c3008> [Kevin Menard]
Updated vulcanize to work with both Rails 2 and Rails 3. <c2f3ceb> [Kevin Menard]
Symlink generators directory for Rails 2.x support. <30a0b41> [Kevin Menard]
Prevent conflict with Zerigo loading in ActiveSupport. <fe9438d> [Kevin Menard]
fix resque roles <ed5491b> [Matt Conway]
cleanup some monit patterns <66f1bb0> [Matt Conway]
fix environment in resque web monit <45336ce> [Matt Conway]
Updated gemspec <3638682> [Matt Conway]
more rigorous stopping of stuff to prevent errors in create_staging <5c2425d> [Matt Conway]
fix postgres backup <d92e1de> [Matt Conway]
better directory aliases <0169b47> [Matt Conway]
munin package doesn't seem to be creating directory <e2a9ca2> [Matt Conway]
fix updating existing zerigo record <cb5bfdd> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'cassandra' into rails3 <400e814> [Matt Conway]
postgresql working for a single master configuration <269cb7a> [Matt Conway]
extracted out helper method for prompting from non-capistrano code <27c77e0> [Matt Conway]
calculate dependencies as a separate step <b304f9c> [Matt Conway]
avoid multiple deploy:update_code <eec7c55> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'rails3' into postgresql <2b8f728> [Matt Conway]
replace init.d scripts with call to service <69a34a4> [Matt Conway]
monit nowe needs mailserver set <61d3710> [Matt Conway]
fix rvm environment issue that breaks initial rake fcall from rubber:config <e6bdec2> [Matt Conway]
updated to lucid 10.04 <5238701> [Matt Conway]
only add gem if rubber not a plugin <a09102a> [Matt Conway]
set ssh connection timeout <39dbc45> [Matt Conway]
only add rubber to gemfile in base template <d04f306> [Matt Conway]
allow loading of initial schema <c431688> [Matt Conway]
working cassandra <9402a7a> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'rails3' into cassandra <4965a07> [Matt Conway]
Don't rely on ":on_error => :continue" due to capistrano bug <2d5415e> [Matt Conway]
fix redis boostrap <3113246> [Matt Conway]
some fixes to resque process management <68c43c5> [Matt Conway]
refactor, make worker management smoother <c1c35e3> [Matt Conway]
allow calling generator helpers <35a9f0e> [Matt Conway]
set exe <b3c6c47> [Matt Conway]
mv files for rails3 <68a5bb2> [Matt Conway]
Merge remote branch 'origin/new_resque' into rails3 <151c3bf> [Matt Conway]
Better handling of resque worker queues. <c288253> [Kevin Menard]
Redis version bump. <74ed93a> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'master' into rails3 <13bf17a> [Matt Conway]
initial incomplete cassandra support <b0beaf4> [Matt Conway]
initial incomplete postgres support <4eff243> [Matt Conway]
version bump <1f00825> [Matt Conway]
fix railties dependency <b302bcd> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'master' into rails3 <6c11203> [Matt Conway]
Set rubber version to the one being installed by Gemfile <29a3fdf> [Matt Conway]
make sure ec2 config directory exists <50878d5> [Matt Conway]
Add rubber to gemfile when generating if needed <ef0a279> [Matt Conway]
version bump <ad08522> [Matt Conway]
ec2 tools need system ruby as they don't currently work with 1.9 <015dfaa> [Matt Conway]
use RUBBER_ENV to select DB so task can be used with staging, etc <120bf11> [Matt Conway]
new version <a013cce> [Matt Conway]
new version <9ee1a64> [Matt Conway]
regenerated gemspec <0c96963> [Matt Conway]
make sure ec2-ami-tools is installed on canonical ami for rubber:bundle <ca1dc3d> [Matt Conway]
get vulcanize helper script working in rails3 <a14f59e> [Matt Conway]
copy file permissions too so executable files work <f579248> [Matt Conway]
fix rvm environment for cron/munin <58fb2e6> [Matt Conway]
handle prescence of, fix bundle install, minor other tweaks <8fbc50f> [Matt Conway]
fix passenger/rvm activation <8739480> [Matt Conway]
enable passenger support in rvm <e99e5c5> [Matt Conway]
more rails3 support, using rvm to select ruby runtime, make run/sudo load profile to get rvm environment <ef1afa7> [Matt Conway]
initial rails3 changes <9a30414> [Matt Conway]
optional rakefile for non-rails projects <c45931a> [Matt Conway]
mv new template since sam's changes <3f6689a> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'sam-mcingvale/master' into rails3 <df7ecd7> [Matt Conway]
Fixed template issues <8916817> [Sam McIngvale]
Preliminary Rails 3 generator changes <412cfb4> [Sam McIngvale]
fix to mkdir command which failed on rubber:create_staging <6a0d513> [Matt Conway]
fix for ruby1.9 <6e08329> [Matt Conway]
fix for ruby1.9 <4e92c69> [Matt Conway]
make sure ec2 config dir exists before writing to it <39f51d1> [Matt Conway]
make sure ec2-ami-tools is installed on canonical ami for rubber:bundle <62cb4ba> [Matt Conway]
make passenger not unload app by default <d580cd9> [Matt Conway]
ensure wget overwrites when rerunning after failed get <69102dc> [Matt Conway]
remove uneeded dependency <97b68ac> [Matt Conway]
fix release process <4e1243b> [Matt Conway]
more tests <6a70bb5> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'master' into zerigo_api_1_1 <9d5fb10> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'master' into canonical_ami <b40f95a> [Matt Conway]
preserver backwards compatbility with sysklog in older ubuntu images <daf3283> [Matt Conway]
Bump rubygems version. <60509fb> [Kevin Menard]
Redis version bump. <89ca8ee> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'master' into canonical_ami <fc62f2e> [Matt Conway]
ruby 1.9 fix for to_a (thanks to rlewis) <19fa3c1> [Matt Conway]
Fixed compatibility issues with Ruby 1.9.x <d037136> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'jrhicks/master' <b28fa6a> [Matt Conway]
disable debian.cnf copy <fdbbf8c> [Matt Conway]
prevent backups when generating apparmor config file <2cc50b6> [Matt Conway]
cleanup remote ruby script execution <86da61e> [Matt Conway]
fix force flag, add backup flag for disabling backups (e.g. in /etc/*.d directories) <9e749fd> [Matt Conway]
prevent ubuntu 9.10 ec2-init script from changing hostname <739a495> [Matt Conway]
fix monit config for new version in ubuntu 9.10 <6df5a33> [Matt Conway]
move mysql reconfigure to common mysql bootstrap <4ce6255> [Matt Conway]
fix mysql deploy for new ubuntu <7ef0ae7> [Matt Conway]
Ubuntu using rsyslog now <904f225> [Matt Conway]
update to latest rubygems <7722ba6> [Matt Conway]
use sudo everywhere in case users don't want to run as root <8b19367> [Matt Conway]
allow root login to canonical amis <d04b7f1> [Matt Conway]
Switch to canonical AMIs <4cd540e> [Matt Conway]
fix 404, use <2219de4> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'zerigo_api_1_1' of into zerigo_api_1_1 <23f7b70> [Matt Conway]
no need for customer id in new zerigo api <e91589a> [Matt Conway]
using zerigo api v1.1 <1aecee3> [Matt Conway]
no need for customer id in new zerigo api <45c4258> [Matt Conway]
using zerigo api v1.1 <8784286> [Matt Conway]
Only proxy app roles since mongrel may be used by non-app roles. <3dd218d> [Kevin Menard]
Only proxy app roles since passenger may be used for non-app roles, too. <13a7f49> [Kevin Menard]
Add capistrano task to move data from deploy client to production server. cap rubber:mysql:local_to_ec2 <628920d> [Jeffrey Hicks]
Added mysql cap commands rubber:mysql:backup and rubber:mysql:restore_s3 <2f3c535> [Jeffrey Hicks]
Added mysql client headers to mysql package to allow compilation of mysql <89c5a38> [Jeffrey Hicks]
Passenger bump. <d09934e> [Kevin Menard]
Use full path to ruby in case munin's path doesn't work due to non-login shell. <c9ec151> [Kevin Menard]
Jeweler will release to gemcutter. <5ab598f> [Kevin Menard]
Work around issue with capistrano 2.5.16. <ce9617b> [Kevin Menard]
Bumped to the latest version of redis. <e32f072> [Kevin Menard]
Bumped to latest version of passenger. <251f2ee> [Kevin Menard]
Added Windows support. <e3c883e> [Kevin Menard]
The libmysql-ruby package seems to not work with the latest Ruby enterprise edition, so re-install the gem to be safe. <931b19d> [Kevin Menard]
Bumped to the latest ruby enterprise edition. <0ab3557> [Kevin Menard]
Added example spot instance request configuration. <239b2f4> [Kevin Menard]
Updated to the latest version of redis. <9723864> [Kevin Menard]
Updated to the latest version of passenger. <5f152fc> [Kevin Menard]
Fixed rake failing due to Test::Unit 2.0 being installed. <a579dc2> [Kevin Menard]
Jeweler is available on gemcutter. <b5539b5> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'master' of <5efd21d> [Kevin Menard]
Added support for spot instances. <a995d14> [Kevin Menard]
Task to move around static IP addresses. <9612eb9> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'master' of <3d66204> [Kevin Menard]
Make it easier to override jetty options. <96d566e> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'master' of <cb39353> [Matt Conway]
fix for new security group param name in amazon-ec2 <a9f9b19> [Matt Conway]
Only raise an exception if there's a problem. <890837b> [nirvdrum]
Merge remote branch 'nirvdrum/resque2' <09fd5b8> [Matt Conway]
Merge remote branch 'nirvdrum/master' <0c99d7d> [Matt Conway]
use rubygems for crontab too <08d1d51> [Matt Conway]
munin needs a mailer for notifications <d933a8c> [Matt Conway]
Switched to the Jetty Hightide distribution to get JSP, JTA, and a few other niceties. <6d1b1a9> [Kevin Menard]
Bumped passenger version. <79feda0> [Kevin Menard]
Allow a configurable number of resque workers. <0587b40> [Kevin Menard]
Added support for resque. <67ae003> [Kevin Menard]
stop using helper method to install ree as it uses different path for 64bit pkg <fbdeab3> [Matt Conway]
remind about bootstrap <fd2e593> [Matt Conway]
fix setting of rails vars <cd7206d> [Matt Conway]
Merge remote branch 'nirvdrum/master' into pull <b902618> [Matt Conway]
add passenger memory stats munin plugin <de6bb9a> [Matt Conway]
setup path so that we select correct ruby globally <8365a70> [Matt Conway]
sort display order of tools <4a7a9a0> [Matt Conway]
fix arithmetic for server slicing in serial_task <4bbd9e7> [Matt Conway]
Upgraded to the latest version of redis. <a62955f> [Kevin Menard]
Merge branch 'wr0ngway/master' <09046af> [Kevin Menard]
escape percents in crontab <a299c3b> [Matt Conway]
fix ruby prefix path for passenger munin plugin <af9488d> [Matt Conway]
fix config reference in munin example <50e563d> [Matt Conway]
enable rubygems at system level for munin plugins <df32e3e> [Matt Conway]
env should use rubygems by default <c2467cc> [Matt Conway]
make default bucket name be dns friendly <b58fbbe> [Matt Conway]
fix sphinx crontab to sudo using configured user <3fe8b6f> [Matt Conway]
fix being able to reference cluster config (instance.yml) from within rubber.yml <08fecec> [Matt Conway]
Fixed monit conf file. <d84d287> [Kevin Menard]
git-core is fine on modern Ubuntu AMIs. <16eda00> [Kevin Menard]
Added a jetty generator. <5c18774> [Kevin Menard]
strip out blank security_groups to make it easier to conditionally define them in rubber.yml <f75f1a3> [Matt Conway]
add some feedback for add/remove role <bafe1bb> [Matt Conway]
prevent backup from sometimes trying to upload a directory to s3 <f8c7951> [Matt Conway]
make passenger template depend on apache <b970183> [Matt Conway]
role should be passenger, role dependencies handle the association from app -> passenger <fc9472f> [Matt Conway]
new version of REE <e347a82> [Matt Conway]
use correct path for passenger when using enterprise ruby or not <20a8542> [Matt Conway]
add ability to grab default roles from rubber.yml at instance creation time <8817d78> [Matt Conway]
add gemcutter, simplify changelog <44d989b> [Matt Conway]
update to latest 9.04 ami <5043937> [Matt Conway]
initial redis module <bb3a6b2> [Matt Conway]
monitor postfix <6303745> [Matt Conway]
switch to gemcutter <aead58a> [Matt Conway]
add changelog generation <06475d9> [Matt Conway]
fix ver <e32a665> [Matt Conway]
fix ver <f5c5172> [Matt Conway]
remove bad code <16306dc> [Matt Conway]
prevent reading from env before it is created (infinite loop) <b3255cb> [Matt Conway]
fix gemcutter task <7372e7b> [Matt Conway]
ignore gems <a879638> [Matt Conway]
add setup of arbitrary dns records via nettica or zerigo apis <61ca87e> [Matt Conway]
command for backing up arbitrary directories <d984451> [Matt Conway]
helper for installing rubber gems locally <51e926b> [Matt Conway]
add lib for rails initiliazer, fix bad char in description for gemcutter, add task for pushing to gemcutter <0ab8d80> [Matt Conway]
refactor dns classes to allow setting up other dns records from rubber.yml <937629c> [Matt Conway]
add rails/init.rb to gemspec, automate gemcutter gem creation <c9c3e52> [Matt Conway]
update REE to 1.8.7-20090928 <59888ec> [Matt Conway]
add gemcutter source <ae8aabb> [Matt Conway]
add forwarded ip address <735c9c7> [Matt Conway]
Merge branch 'master' of <4b1159b> [Matt Conway]
fix apache roles <83f602c> [Matt Conway]
better error message for missing image on destroy <53e8cf2> [Matt Conway]
don't check status when getting single host <d01a79c> [Matt Conway]
fix bad encoding char for gemcutter <c5290c2> [Matt Conway]
add some error checking <ad2c6a3> [Matt Conway]
add error msg for auth failure <7ca7bec> [Matt Conway]
fix setting of ip in zerigo <8ca947a> [Matt Conway]
more todos <a13e97a> [Matt Conway]
version bump <6c80a34> [Matt Conway]
Backed out guessing of appname
Force depedency on amazon-ec2 v0.5.0
Prevent ec2 disconnect while bundling a custom AMI
Add some extra metadata to instance config
Guess appname in rubber.yml (project root dirname)
Configure https by default (snakeoil certs) for nginx, apache, web_tools
Added role_dependencies to make it easier to aggregate modules/roles into a coherent whole
Added apache version of webtools for people using passenger
Added add/remove_role to cap tasks
Added gemsource to rubber.yml and made task for it add/remove as neccessary
Many other cleanups and refactorings
Upgrade system packages on bootstrap
Use a rubygems helper script to skip installing gems that are already installed
Added isolation of security groups (multiple apps/environments in single account isolated from each other with security groups
Added hook for installing gems configured in rails environment.rb
Added support for Ruby Enterprise Edition
Full working, consistent support for Passenger (complete_passenger_mysql)
Fix variable interpolation (relative paths to other variables from within nested data structures in rubber*.yml)
Consistent config (breaking config changes, many rubber*.yml variables renamed/moved)
Added vulcanize helper script for running vulcanize generator outside of rails
Use rubber with non-rails projects (RUBBER_* instead of RAILS_*)
Use rubber as a gem (or as a plugin still)
Add zerigo as a dns provider - has a free plan with rest api
Massive refactoring and cleanup.
broke up recipes into multiple files.
Extracted ec2 logic into its own class (allows rubber to work with other cloud providers like maybe slicehost)
Pre 1.0
You probably shouldn't be using these versions