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Rubberduck v2.5.2.5906

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Hotfix release for Visual Basic 6.0

This release fixes Rubberduck 2.5.2 failing to locate commandbars in Visual Studio 6.0 (and accordingly crashing on startup).

Installation instructions

VBA6 | VBA7 x86/x64

Installs without administrator privileges for the current Windows user login.
Local admin users should install for all users and register the add-in for their login at the end of the installation - add-in will need to be manually registered for other users on the same machine.


If Visual Studio 6.0 is executed with administrator privileges, Rubberduck should be installed for all users.

Built with ❤️ by AppVeyor CI on [main] -

This version fixes 40 bugs, 19 of which were known issues at the time of the release of v2.5.1; 21 enhancement issues were closed in this development cycle, across 420 commits.

See the release announcement post on the project's blog for more details.