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Why Rubberduck?

Because we want a pet project, and this one is fun, and challenging. The idea is to do everything we can to make programming in VBA and refactoring legacy VBA code, as enjoyable as in the modern-day versions of Visual Studio. The VBE has had its VB6 feel for as long as I can remember, Rubberduck takes it... elsewhere.

It all started on Code Review, with a post about unit testing in VBA. It grew into a 100% VBA working solution, and then we wanted to have this unit testing functionality built into the IDE - the COM add-in solution started with it.

Having access to the entire VBE object model in a COM add-in that can add custom menus, toolbars and dockable windows, we wanted to parse and inspect the code, and fix issues - or at least point them out.

Then we just thought let's pack everything we want to implement to extend the VBE. We added ways to navigate the code more easily, a list of todo items, and then we had ideas like integrating source control, implementing some refactorings, using the Stack Exchange API to create and post your VBA code as a Code Review question.

Where is this going to take us? No idea. But it's a fun ride. Fork us!


Using Rubberduck

To Do

  • Tag Wiki: Everything you ever wanted to know about the tags/labels we use in this repository.