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StopTheSlowLane WordPress Plugin

Slowing down the web to protest the FCC and save Net Neutrality!

Installation instructions

  • Download the plugin ZIP file (and then unzip it somewhere)
  • Copy the "stoptheslowlane" folder into your wp-content/plugins folder (NOTE: the folder you need to copy is inside the WP_StopTheSlowLane-master folder)
  • Go into your WordPress Admin and open the "Plugins" settings screen
  • Click "Activate" on the #StopTheSlowLane plugin
  • (optional) if you want to configure which loading animation you get, click the "Settings" link. All done!

Testing instructions

The widget uses a cookie to only show once on your site. If you're testing it and you want to always see it, (re)load the page with #ALWAYS_SHOW_SL_WIDGET in the URL (eg: