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(require 'magit)
(defvar magit--bisect-last-pos)
(defvar magit--bisect-tmp-file)
(defvar magit--bisect-info nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'magit--bisect-info)
(put 'magit--bisect-info 'permanent-local t)
(defun magit--bisecting-p (&optional required-status)
"Return t if a bisect session is running.
If REQUIRED-STATUS is not nil then the current status must also
(and (file-exists-p (concat (magit-get-top-dir default-directory)
(or (not required-status)
(eq (plist-get (magit--bisect-info) :status)
(defun magit--bisect-info ()
(with-current-buffer (magit-find-status-buffer)
(or (if (local-variable-p 'magit--bisect-info) magit--bisect-info)
(list :status (if (magit--bisecting-p) 'running 'not-running)))))
(defun magit--bisect-cmd (&rest args)
"Run `git bisect ...' and update the status buffer"
(with-current-buffer (magit-find-status-buffer)
(let* ((output (apply 'magit-git-lines (append '("bisect") args)))
(cmd (car args))
(first-line (car output)))
(setq magit--bisect-info
(cond ((string= cmd "reset")
(list :status 'not-running))
;; Bisecting: 78 revisions left to test after this (roughly 6 steps)
((string-match "^Bisecting:\\s-+\\([0-9]+\\).+roughly\\s-+\\([0-9]+\\)" first-line)
(list :status 'running
:revs (match-string 1 first-line)
:steps (match-string 2 first-line)))
;; e2596955d9253a80aec9071c18079705597fa102 is the first bad commit
((string-match "^\\([a-f0-9]+\\)\\s-.*first bad commit" first-line)
(list :status 'finished
:bad (match-string 1 first-line)))
(list :status 'error)))))))
(defun magit--bisect-info-for-status (branch)
"Return bisect info suitable for display in the status buffer"
(let* ((info (magit--bisect-info))
(status (plist-get info :status)))
(cond ((eq status 'not-running)
(or branch "(detached)"))
((eq status 'running)
(format "(bisecting; %s revisions & %s steps left)"
(or (plist-get info :revs) "unknown number of")
(or (plist-get info :steps) "unknown number of")))
((eq status 'finished)
(format "(bisected: first bad revision is %s)" (plist-get info :bad)))
"(bisecting; unknown error occured)"))))
(defun magit-bisect-start ()
"Start a bisect session"
(if (magit--bisecting-p)
(error "Already bisecting"))
(let ((bad (magit-read-rev "Start bisect with known bad revision" "HEAD"))
(good (magit-read-rev "Good revision" (magit-default-rev))))
(magit--bisect-cmd "start" bad good)))
(defun magit-bisect-reset ()
"Quit a bisect session"
(unless (magit--bisecting-p)
(error "Not bisecting"))
(magit--bisect-cmd "reset"))
(defun magit-bisect-good ()
"Tell git that the current revision is good during a bisect session"
(unless (magit--bisecting-p 'running)
(error "Not bisecting"))
(magit--bisect-cmd "good"))
(defun magit-bisect-bad ()
"Tell git that the current revision is bad during a bisect session"
(unless (magit--bisecting-p 'running)
(error "Not bisecting"))
(magit--bisect-cmd "bad"))
(defun magit-bisect-skip ()
"Tell git to skip the current revision during a bisect session."
(unless (magit--bisecting-p 'running)
(error "Not bisecting"))
(magit--bisect-cmd "skip"))
(defun magit-bisect-log ()
"Show the bisect log"
(unless (magit--bisecting-p)
(error "Not bisecting"))
(magit-run-git "bisect" "log")
(defun magit-bisect-visualize ()
"Show the remaining suspects with gitk"
(unless (magit--bisecting-p)
(error "Not bisecting"))
(magit-run-git "bisect" "visualize")
(unless (getenv "DISPLAY")
(easy-mmode-defmap magit-bisect-minibuffer-local-map
'(("\C-i" . comint-dynamic-complete-filename))
"Keymap for minibuffer prompting of rebase command."
:inherit minibuffer-local-map)
(defvar magit-bisect-mode-history nil
"Previously run bisect commands.")
(defun magit-bisect-run (command)
"Bisect automatically by running commands after each step"
(read-from-minibuffer "Run command (like this): "
(unless (magit--bisecting-p)
(error "Not bisecting"))
(let ((file (make-temp-file "magit-bisect-run"))
(insert "#!/bin/sh\n" command "\n")
(write-region (point-min) (point-max) file))
(chmod file #o755)
(magit-run-git-async "bisect" "run" file)
(setq buffer (get-buffer magit-process-buffer-name))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(set (make-local-variable 'magit--bisect-last-pos) 0)
(set (make-local-variable 'magit--bisect-tmp-file) file))
(set-process-filter (get-buffer-process buffer) 'magit--bisect-run-filter)
(set-process-sentinel (get-buffer-process buffer) 'magit--bisect-run-sentinel)))
(defun magit--bisect-run-filter (process output)
(with-current-buffer (process-buffer process)
(let ((inhibit-read-only t)
line new-info)
(insert output)
(goto-char magit--bisect-last-pos)
(while (< (point) (point-max))
(cond ( ;; Bisecting: 78 revisions left to test after this (roughly 6 steps)
(looking-at "^Bisecting:\\s-+\\([0-9]+\\).+roughly\\s-+\\([0-9]+\\)")
(setq new-info (list :status 'running
:revs (match-string 1)
:steps (match-string 2))))
( ;; e2596955d9253a80aec9071c18079705597fa102 is the first bad commit
(looking-at "^\\([a-f0-9]+\\)\\s-.*first bad commit")
(setq new-info (list :status 'finished
:bad (match-string 1)))))
(forward-line 1))
(goto-char (point-max))
(setq magit--bisect-last-pos (point))
(if new-info
(with-current-buffer (magit-find-status-buffer)
(setq magit--bisect-info new-info)
(defun magit--bisect-run-sentinel (process event)
(if (string-match-p "^finish" event)
(with-current-buffer (process-buffer process)
(delete-file magit--bisect-tmp-file)))
(magit-process-sentinel process event))
(defun magit--bisect-update-status-buffer ()
(with-current-buffer (magit-find-status-buffer)
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))
(goto-char (point-min))
(when (search-forward-regexp "Local:" nil t)
(insert (format "Local: %s %s"
(propertize (magit--bisect-info-for-status (magit-get-current-branch))
'face 'magit-branch)
(abbreviate-file-name default-directory)))))))))
(provide 'magit-bisect)
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