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the "Remote Utility Bonded Execution Environment Chain"

Next generation blockchain scaling and financing using Remote Utility Bonded Execution Environments

  • RUBEEchain (Remote Utility Bonded Execution Environment chain) components are computational components with trustworthiness measured by earned reputation and guaranteed by RUBEEchain tokens. Remote Utility Bonded Execution Environments (RUBEEs) are the next generation evolution of the Trusted Execution Environment concept adapted to support blockchain scaling, security, and financing.

  • RUBEEchain enables increases in blockchain scaling by providing a mechanism for ranking the trustworthiness of peer-to-peer network nodes, thereby supporting extreme sharding. High reputation RUBEEs also provide a distributed on-demand mechanism for the storage of secrets in blockchain smart contract applications.

  • RUBEEchain tokens provide a financial mechanism for the renting of RUBEE computational slices, thereby dissolving the fee-based cloud hosting market into a fee-based peer-to-peer fog. A portion of the RUBEE renting fee is retained by the RUBEE component as a measure of its accumulated reputation. The owners of RUBEE components collect RUBEEchain tokens for the renting of their RUBEE computational resources and can collect the accumulated RUBEEchain reputation bond of a component by retiring the component or by selling it at its appreciated value.

  • RUBEEchain aims to be a platform for the development and testing of hardward optimized for blockchain applications and infrastructure generally, and for advanced implementations of Trusted Execution Environments (RUBEEs) specifically.

  • It is anticipated that RUBEEs will be developed to provide fine grained reputation accounting for various metrics, including performance, availability, integrity, and confidentiality. RUBEEchain token reputation bonds are forfeit to the renter of the RUBEE resource upon failure to meet requirements, thereby providing automated service level agreements. Smart contracts and other blockchain applications can select their RUBEEs based on reputation ranking and characteristics best suited to the application needs.

  • It is further anticipated that RUBEEchain will implement a blinding protocol to optionally prevent a RUBEE from knowing which node is renting its services or which other RUBEEs are cooperating on the same distributed application. Using this protocol, a RUBEE becomes not only a computational resource who's metrics are guaranteed by a RUBEEchain bond, but also a resource which has limited knowledge and can do limited harm. The benefits of this scheme are particularly clear, for example, when the RUBEE is providing a network routing or storage service in such a way that the RUBEE knows neither the clear-text message, the message original source, nor its final destination, and need not be trusted at all beyond providing the bonded service for which it is rented.


Remote Utility Bonded Execution Environment Chain



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