Libraries to query DBpedia using SPARQL and the DBpedia ontology
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This library provides classes and functions to query DBpedia using SPARQL and the DBpedia ontology. For querying DBpedia we make use of the Virtuoso SPARQL endpoint and the python library SPARQLWrapper that enables the usage of SPARQL and RDF from python. Regarding the ontology, the OWL file from DBpedia defining the ontology is automatically downloaded and exploited locally with python functions.


This repository is a python module itself, so, once installed it can be imported from your own python script and use the classes available to query dbpedia and the ontology. This would be a simple example (this example can be found in the file

import sys
from dbpediaEnquirerPy import *

if __name__ == '__main__':
    my_dbpedia = Cdbpedia_enquirer()
    dblink = ''
    print 'Dblink:',dblink
    print '\tWordnet type:',     my_dbpedia.get_wordnet_type_for_dblink(dblink)
    print '\tWikipedia page id:',my_dbpedia.get_wiki_page_id_for_dblink(dblink)
    print '\tOntology labels:',  my_dbpedia.get_dbpedia_ontology_labels_for_dblink(dblink)
    ## Ontology example
    ontology = Cdbpedia_ontology()
    onto_label = ''
    print 'Ontological path for',onto_label,'=>',ontology.get_ontology_path(onto_label)    
    print 'Depth in ontology:',ontology.get_depth(onto_label)

If you run this (after the installation) the output should be similar to:

	Wordnet type: synset-actor-noun-1
	Wikipedia page id: 31460
	Ontology labels: ['', '']

Ontological path for ['', '', '', '', '', '', '']
Depth in ontology: 7

Quick Installation##

An automatic installation script is provided with this repository. It will install and download automatically all the requirements (the are basically two requirements for this repository, the SPARQLWrapper library and the DBpedia ontology in OWL). So the basic steps to get this repository working from the scratch would be:

cd your_local_folder
git clone
cd dbpediaEnquirerPy

These lines should install all the required dependencies. You can test if the installation is valid by running the example python ##Documentation##

All the classes and methods are extensively described in an API that can be found in different formats:

  1. HTML:
  2. PDF:

You can also build the documentation locally by running the script ., which would generate a folder apidocs with the whole documentation (you will need epydoc installed in order to generate the documentation)



Sofware distributed under GPL.v2, see LICENSE file for details.