How to create simple survey study

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How to...

...generate a simple questionnaire study

If this is your first time using formR, it will be helpful to download the example excel sheet ( that can be found on the formR homepage. In this excel sheet you can find every item type formR has to offer. Create a new survey and upload the example sheet to see how the items work. Following the instructions given, you can generate your own excel sheet with your own items. In most questionnaires, only one or two item types are used. Try and find out which type fits your purpose best. To create your own study, follow the following steps:

  1. Create a new survey by uploading your own excel sheet (Don´t forget to check the information about naming your survey). You can use one or more surveys as main parts of a run. It is necessary to place your survey in a run to make it accessible for participants. A run is what you would call your study – it offers you additional features like pausing your study, sending eMails or randomising your participants.
  2. Create a new run. (Don´t forget to check the information about naming your run)
  3. Adding a survey. Click on the icon showing a pencil to open the menu for adding a survey. In the drop-down menu you can now choose your own survey. Save your changes.
  4. If you have more than one survey, repeat this step. You may want to rearrange the order of your surveys – you can do so by changing the numbers on the left hand side and by clicking on "Reorder".
  5. Adding a stop button. It is essential to add a stop button to every run. This marks the end of the run and signals the participants that they have completed your study. Add a stop button by clicking on the icon with a square on it. Fill in a title and a text that will be displayed to your participants. Then save your changes.
  6. Make your study public. By clicking on the icons with the loudspeakers you can make your run public. You can decide whether your study will be shown on the formR homepage which is open to the public or whether only participants who have the link to your study can participate. You can invite participants by sending them the link: (with name_of_your_study being the actual name of your study)
  7. Access your results. You can find your results under survey -> “show results”. You can export results in different file types. “Export results” is a short cut to download results.

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