How to generate a link to another study (focal peer studies)

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###How to...

#####...generate a link to another study (e.g. for peer ratings) If you want to connect two runs in one study you have to generate a link that leads your participants from run1 to run2. In the following case we want to connect a self-rating(1) with a peer-report(2).

(1) Self-report:
Name of the survey: Focal_Studie
Name of the run: Freundschaft_Focal
(2) Peer-report:
Name of the survey: Peer_Studie
Name of the run: Freundschaft_Peer

When you include the following code in the run of study1 (e.g. in the stop button, in an email field or both), a link is generated which leads participants to run2:

`r paste0('', 
stringr::str_sub( survey_run_sessions$session, 1, 20) )`

[Replace “Freundschaft_Peer” with the name of your study2.]



To determine which data from study 1 and 2 belong together, the results of study2 must involve the individual session codes of the participants from study1. You can realize that by adding the item "get anchor" to the top of the excel sheet of study2 (in the column "type"). As always you can give that item a self-chosen name. In the results of the survey you can find the part of the session code which is included in the generated link under your self-chosen name (in the present example the first 20 digits of the session codes are used). With the help of the session code you can couple the data from study2 with the data from study1.

The session code of study1 (can be found under ´show results´) In the results of study2 (´P_anchor´ is the get anchor item, that gets the session code of study1):

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