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Grep interface plugin for Gedit
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Grep interface plugin for Gedit.

Performs quick grep on current file, or in associated folders.

If there is some selected text when invoked, it performs a quick search using it as pattern. Once invoked you can directly edit the pattern, or navigate through the hits list with up/down keys. Go there pressing enter on selected result. No mouse needed.

Overrides <Ctrl>G and <Ctrl><Shift>G accelerators with Grep file and Grep project.

Grep file performs a quick grep on current file. Changes reflect live on the hits list below.

Grep project performs grep on related folders. The search (this one is heavier) is only performed when you hit enter. Related folders are variable, and configurable. In order:

  • Currently open files
  • Current file browser plugin root
  • GIT base dirs for any of previous paths
  • Ruby gems path for any of previous paths

GIT base dirs are guessed going into that path and asking git itself for the base dir. If any path gathered at this point (open files and file browser root) is inside a GIT repository, then the search is performed on this entire repository.

Ruby gems a trickier to catch, and often bigger to search in. That's why this is deactivated by default. They are guessed the same way that GIT base dirs: going inside the path and asking Ruby itself about the active gem paths. This is compatible with RVM gemsets. If any path gathered at this point (open files and file browser root or its GIT base dirs) has any Ruby gem path associated, then the search is performed on that gems folder also.

You can see the actual grep command performed, in case you are brave enough to go for the real thing.

Configurable options are in a config.json placed in the plugin folder. You can edit this file using the menu entry Edit Configuration. Then that file is openend inside gedit, and you can apply any changes just by saving the file, or using the Reload Coniguration menu entry.

Roughly based on, and perfect match with:

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