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package fastimage
// ImageTypeParser is the interface each image type needs to implement to be
// able to detect images on a buffer stream.
type ImageTypeParser interface {
// Type returns the type of the image
Type() ImageType
// Returns true if the image type can be detected on the byte slice
Detect([]byte) bool
// Returns the image size by inspecting the byte slice, or error if it
// can't be detected (more data needed?)
GetSize([]byte) (*ImageSize, error)
var imageTypeParsers = make(map[string]ImageTypeParser)
func register(imageTypeParser ImageTypeParser) {
if imageTypeParser == nil {
panic("ImageTypeParser: Register image type is nil")
name := imageTypeParser.Type().String()
if _, dup := imageTypeParsers[name]; dup {
panic("ImageTypeParser: Register called twice for type " + name)
logger.Printf("ImageTypeParser: Registering %s %v", name, imageTypeParser)
imageTypeParsers[name] = imageTypeParser
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