Simple example of Twitter + AMQP + RabbitMQ + EventMachine + HTML5 WebSocket with no polling
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Twitter AMQP WebSocket Example

Quick experiment of going from twitter to the browser, with no polling.

It goes something like this:

Twitter Stream → Filter → RabbitMQ → AMQP → EventMachine → WebSocket → HTML5 Browser

Since it uses a fanout exchange on RabbitMQ, it allows to have multiple clients connected to the eventmachine loop and receive the same real-time updates (and hopeful it will scale).


  • Ruby
  • RabbitMQ
  • gem install bundler

How To

  1. bundle install (first time, to install the dependencies)
  2. rabbitmq-server # start rabbitmq
  3. ruby twitterfeed.rb twitter_username twitter_password # start the filter
  4. ruby socket.rb # on another shell

Then you can open client/index.html on a HTML5 WebSocket compatible browser (tested with Webkit nightly).

Read the code, and have fun! :)