CodeIgniter 2 + HMVC + RedBean (ORM)
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CodeIgniter 2.1 + HMVC + RedBean 3

Setup ready to use CodeIgniter framework with:

How to use?


Set up application/config/config.php and application/config/database.php for your needs.

Load RedBean library adding it on autoload.php, example:

$autoload['libraries'] = array('rb');

Or load RedBean library in any controller, example:


Using RedBean

You can use RedBean API in your controller:



// New bean
$post = R::dispense('post');

// Load bean by id
$post = R::load('post', 1);

// Find all beans
$posts = R::find('post');

// Find beans
$posts = R::find('post', 'published = 1');

// Save bean

Using HMVC

With HMVC you can build your application modulair.

You can find the standard welcome page in:


More information