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Building a simulated city for PE
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City Simulator

A city simulator for project engineering.


  • Ruben Van Assche
  • Stijn Wouters


  • Read a city with houses, fire depots, shops, ...
  • Read a file with vehicles
  • Set a random building on fire
  • Let a fire truck drive to a burning building
  • Let a fire spread arround buildings
  • Repair buildings when they have lost HP
  • Start a robbery
  • Let a police truck drive to a shop where there is robbery
  • Write the output from the siumaltion to a file


City Simulator can be build on any system with:

  • GCC
  • CMake


It's pretty easy to compile City Simulator, just type the following commands in the terminal:

$ cmake CMakelists.txt
$ make


There are 3 options to run city Simulator

  1. $ ./CitySimulator No city or vehicles loaded
  2. $ ./CitySimulator cityFile.xml A city is loaded from cityFile.xml, no vehicles loaded
  3. $ ./CitySimulator cityFile.xml vechiclesFile.xml A city is loaded from cityFile.xml and vehicles are loaded from vehiclesFile.xml

In the root folder you can find city.xml and vehicles.xml, these are two default files for a city and a set of vehicles.


For each class in City Simulator there is a corresponding test called like like the class but postfixed with _test.cpp. At this moment there is no "easy" option to run the tests. You will have to download Google Test( and build it. When you compile City Simulator the Google Test(libgtest.a and libgtest_main.a) librairies should be included. For specific information about including libraries please read your compiler/linker documentation.

Folder Structure

  • City Header Files, Source Code, Test Code
  • Output-testfiles Files for checking if the ouput tests are working fine
  • XML-testfiles Some XML files for parsing


City Simulator is licensed under the GNU GPL license.

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