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Website for scouts zurenborg based upon Symphony.
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Scouts Zurenborg Symphony

This is a dump from the Scouts Zurenborg website. It can be seen working over here. The whole site is built on the symphony cms. I do not deliver a corresponding SQL shema for your database, but feel free to contact me for one.


Totem (work in progress)

  • Fixed bug on the homepage in mobile resolution, the text in the infoboxes was unreadable
  • Added links to mailboxes in: informatie and leiding pages
  • Upgrade to Symphony CMS 2.3.6
  • Removed some unessesairy data sources
  • New paralax event on all the pages
  • First fase of the leiding section builded with:
    • Agenda (viewing + adding events)
    • Documents(ledenlijsten, aanwezigheidslijsten, groepsverslagen and helpfull documents for everyone)


The initial release of the website

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