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Scripts that build a full cross-compilation environment from only a native GCC.
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Scripts that build a full cross-compilation environment from only a native GCC.


There's only one script you need to call yourself: Build the MinGW-w64 cross-compilers from the ground up. Checks for prerequisite programs at the start before downloading any sources.

The other scripts provide supporting functions: remove all the build files. all functionality used in these build scripts. Includes downloading source,patching, building, packaging, post-processing. create directories and variables containing these directories. fetch various sources needed to build. Should be split off into build function calls itself.

Toolchain details

To be able to create a simple local install tree, each toolchain has its own "longname". A longname consists of two OS/bitness glued together, allowing for a unique designation of each possible toolchain combination. The ones I currently support are:

linux32mingw32 linux32mingw64 linux32mingw32-dw2 linux32mingw64-sjlj linux64mingw32 linux64mingw64 linux64mingw32-dw2 linux64mingw64-sjlj MinGW-w64 cross-compilers from 32/64-bit Linux to 32/64-bit Windows. mingw32mingw32 mingw32mingw64 mingw32mingw32-dw2 mingw32mingw64-sjlj mingw64mingw32 mingw64mingw64 mingw64mingw32-dw2 mingw64mingw64-sjlj MinGW-w64 native (cross-)compilers. Note the mismatched bitness leads to executable prefixes for the compiler binaries.

The -dw2 and -sjlj suffixes denote special ABI incompatible versions of C++ exception handling, which might be useful to some people. The executables of such a toolchain will be suffixed accordingly to prevent any confusion.

The ones I would like to support in the future are:

linux32cygwin32 linux32cygwin64 linux64cygwin32 linux64cygwin64 Cygwin cross-compilers from 32/64-bit Linux to 32/64-bit Cygwin using the MinGW-w64 runtime. cygwin32mingw32 cygwin32mingw64 cygwin64mingw32 cygwin64mingw64 MinGW-w64 cross-compilers from 32/64-bit Cygwin to 32/64-bit Windows. mac64mingw32 mac64mingw64 MinGW-w64 cross-compilers from 64-bit Mac OS X to 32/64-bit Windows. ...

Versions of packages used

In order to maintain maximum compatibility, the GCC prerequisite page is used to determine which versions of required libraries are used in these toolchains. This ensures maximum stability for the resulting compilers.

Future directions

I would have always liked to create an ABS (Arch Build System) like environment where a whole set of MinGW-w64 libraries and components could be compiled by the simple calling of a script (and lots and lots of time and disk space), but this seems very out of scope and other projects are already on this.

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