Pokemon Go API for Python
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Pokemon Go API for Python

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Why use this API?

This is arguably one of the cleanest python API's out there. It is our hope that this codebase is easily understood and very readable. We actively stay away from reflection, because actively managed calls provide a nicer experience than digging through protobufs. Development is currently active, so feel free to contribute any requests or functionality you think is missing.

Important note: libencrypt.so or encrypt.dll is needed in order for complete functionality. Minor calls such as getProfile will still work without this. We do not provide this library due to copyright issues. However, if you know where to look, you should be able to be able to find either the binaries or the source.


Install this package via pip i.e pip install git+git://github.com/rubenvereecken/pokemongo-api@master Alternatively, clone this and use pip install .

To get newest, run pip install git+git://github.com/rubenvereecken/pokemongo-api@master --upgrade


Trainer is a general purpose class meant to encapsulate basic functons. We recommend that you inherit from this class to provide your specific usecase. We understand that Trainer is not as fully flushed out as it could be- it is meant to be a stub for building more complex logic. e.g.

class Map(Trainer):
    """My beautiful map implementation"""

    def fillWebSocketsForRealtimeStuffOrSomethingLikeThat(self):
        """Fill websockets with profile data or something.
        I don't know. The world is your oyster."""
        profile = self.session.getProfile()


class Bot(Trainer):
    """Such bot, much cheat."""

    def catchAllThePokemonOrSomething(self):
        """Whatever it is botters do"""

Feel free to also ignore trainer and call session functions directly.


Our current implementaion covers most of the basics of gameplay. The following methods are availible:

Description function
Get Profile (Avatar, team etc..) getProfile()
Get Eggs getEggs()
Get Inventory getInventory()
Get Badges getBadges()
Get Settings getDownloadSettings()
Get Location getMapObjects(radius=10, bothDirections=True)
Get Location getFortSearch(fort)
Get details about fort (image, text etc..) getFortDetails(fort)
Get encounter (akin to tapping a pokemon) encounterPokemon(pokemon)
Upon Encounter, try and catch catchPokemon(pokemon, pokeball=items.POKE_BALL, normalized_reticle_size=1.950, hit_pokemon=True, spin_modifier=0.850, normalized_hit_position=1.0)
Use a razz berry or the like useItemCapture(item_id, pokemon)
Use a Potion (Hyper potion, super, etc..) useItemPotion(item_id, pokemon)
Use a Revive (Max revive etc as well) useItemRevive(item_id, pokemon)
Evolve Pokemon (check for candies first) evolvePokemon(pokemon)
'Transfers' a pokemon. releasePokemon(pokemon)
Check for level up and apply getLevelUp(newLevel)
Use a lucky egg useXpBoost()
Throw away items recycleItem(item_id, count)
set an Egg into an incubator setEgg(item, pokemon)
Set the name of a given pokemon nicknamePokemon(pokemon, nickname)
Set Pokemon as favorite setFavoritePokemon(pokemon, is_favorite)
Upgrade a Pokemon's CP upgradePokemon(pokemon)
Choose player's team - BLUE,RED, or YELLOW. setPlayerTeam(team)

Every method has been tested locally. Automated units tests are needed, and are currently in the works. Pull requests are encouraged.


demo.py includes a demo of the API.

➜  python demo.py -a "google" -u "email@gmail.com" -p "thepassword" -l "The Atlantic Ocean" -e"libencrypt.so"

2016-07-17 16:26:59,947 - INFO - Creating Google session for email@gmail.com
2016-07-17 16:26:59,953 - INFO - Starting new HTTPS connection (1): android.clients.google.com
2016-07-17 16:27:00,362 - INFO - Starting new HTTPS connection (1): android.clients.google.com
2016-07-17 16:27:00,789 - INFO - Location: The Atlantic Ocean
2016-07-17 16:27:00,789 - INFO - Coordinates: 51.01 7.12 0.0
2016-07-17 16:27:00,793 - INFO - Starting new HTTPS connection (1): pgorelease.nianticlabs.com
2016-07-17 16:27:01,633 - INFO - creation_time: 3341800000
team: 3
avatar {
  hair: 1
  shirt: 1
  pants: 1
  hat: 1
  shoes: 1
  eyes: 1
  backpack: 1
max_pokemon_storage: 250
max_item_storage: 400
daily_bonus {
  next_defender_bonus_collect_timestamp_ms: 4106877052
currency {
  type: "STARDUST"
  quantity: 9001

This is achieved with minimal coding effort on the client's part (extract from demo.py):

  # ... Blabla define the parser
  if args.auth == 'ptc':
      session = api.createPTCSession(args.username, args.password, args.location)
  elif args.auth == 'google':
      session = api.createGoogleSession(args.username, args.password, args.location)

  if session: # do stuff
      profile = session.getProfile()


Hell yeah! I'm on Slack too (want an invite?) if you want to have a quick chat.

I welcome all PRs but for big changes it'd be best to open an issue so I have some idea of what's going on. This thing is under heavy development after all.


We currently use AeonLucid's Pokemon Go Protobuf protocol.


Thanks @dmadisetti for keeping this baby up and giving it the love it deserves, along with everybody else who took the time to set up a PR!