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This guide contains technical information on installing, building, and maintaining the Node Box Editor

Code Style

The project tries to follow Minetest's code style

GitHub things

Patches should be in their own branch when making a pull request.

Do not pull request from upstream to your repo using GitHub's pull request and merge feature.

Releasing a new version

  • Bump settings in CMAKE.
  • Update
  • Create windows build.
  • Write changelog.
  • Commit and push code to upstream.
  • Post message on Minetest forums.
  • Tag and release version on GitHub.

Building and Installation


Install Dependencies

# download source and go to the root folder
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential libirrlicht-dev cmake libpng-dev libbz2-dev libjpeg8-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libxxf86vm-dev


# Compile the editor
$ cmake .
$ make -j2


$ ./bin/nodeboxeditor
# You could also double click the executable file in bin


$ sudo make install
$ nodeboxeditor
# See

Microsoft Visual Studio

Express edition makes no difference to the process.


  • Download Irrlicht. Some features in NBE require Irrlicht 1.8 or later in order to be enabled.
  • Download the source code for NBE
  • You will need to download Visual Studio, of course.

Step One: Set up a project

  • Copy the to conf_cmake.hpp where you downloaded the source
  • Open up conf_cmake.hpp, and edit the defines where there is @NBE_A_SETTING@
    • @NBE_DESCR_VERSION@: "0.7 - Iron" for example
  • Create a C++ project in Visual Studio
  • Add the source code using right click > Add > Existing file. Make sure to include src/FileFormat and src/util as well.

Step Two: Adding Irrlicht

See Irrlicht's tutorial on setting up Visual Studio if you have problems.

  • Right click on the name of the project on the Solution Explorer
  • Click properties
  • Go to the C++ Include Directories tab
  • Add the irrlicht include folder to include directories
  • Add the irrlicht lib/win32-visualstudio folder to lib directories
  • Copy irrlicht/bin/win32-visualstudio/irrlicht.dll to project/debug/irrlicht.dll

The project should now build correctly. You will need to copy the media folder across to project/debug


This is outdated info, needs updating.

  • common.hpp - general compile settings, includes and defines. Used in every other file.
  • - defines from cmake.
  • main.cpp - contains the main() function, starts irrlicht and the editor.
  • Editor.cpp/hpp - contains the Editor class which contains the update loop.
  • EditorState.cpp/hpp - contains the EditorState class, which is used to share common variables. Also contains main class for mode FSM.
  • MenuState.cpp/hpp - contains the MenuState class which handles the user interface such as the menu bar and mode icons.
  • NBEEditor.cpp/hpp - contains the node box editor mode in the mode FSM.
  • NodeEditor.cpp/hpp - contains the node editor mode in the mode FSM.
  • Project.cpp/hpp - holds the project in a contained way.
  • Node.cpp/hpp - hold the data and node boxes for a single node.
  • NodeBox.cpp/hpp - a single node box.
  • Configuration.cpp/hpp - the settings manager for the editor. Reads from / writes to editor.conf
  • GUIHelpers.cpp/hpp - contains helpers such as creating x/y/z text boxes.
  • FileFormat
    • FileFormat.cpp/hpp - factory and base class for file formats.
    • Lua.cpp/hpp - the Lua file parser.
    • NBE.cpp/hpp - the NBE file parser.
    • MTC.cpp/hpp - the Minetest Classic (.cpp) file parser.
  • util
    • string.cpp/hpp - helper functions for strings