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This repository has been archived by the owner on Dec 3, 2020. It is now read-only.

Releases: rubenwardy/NodeBoxEditor

0.9.2 - Obsidian Glass

05 May 19:35
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  • Add /usr/share/nodeboxeditor to search path

Note: the latest Windows build is 0.9.0, because later versions only fix Linux issues

0.9.1 - Obsidian Glass

19 Apr 17:43
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Fix .desktop being installed to user rather than global share

0.9.0 - Obsidian Glass

29 Oct 18:46
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Windows Build by @SmallJoker


New Features

  • More flexible media finding (finding media folder on startup)
  • Viewport zooming.
  • Smooth rotation in perspective viewport.
  • Fractional input to nodebox properties.
  • Add dynamic snapping resolution.
  • Add snap resolution to node properties.
  • Add links to help menu (help, forum, bug tracker).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix texture leaks:
    • NB resize, delete.
    • Texture editor and dialog (@asl97)
  • Only rebuild nodebox meshes if they have changed.
  • Correct front and back viewports being the wrong way around. (front was back, back was front)
  • Hide drag handles when they go outside of a viewport.
  • Fix pixel snapping during shift move.
  • Fix DIR_DELIM warning.
  • Change working directory when running Minetest to stop problems in non-portable builds.
  • Add media/flip* to make install

Misc / Maintenance

  • Add debug features (texture/face count)
  • Prepend enum type names with E.
  • Collect project related code into project/.
  • Better function names in NodeBox class.
  • Add more possible minetest dir locations

0.8.1 - Glass

08 Mar 14:16
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Windows Build by @SmallJoker

0.8.1 Changelog

Bug Fixes

  • Fix file dialogs changing working directory on Windows
  • Fix MSVC warnings (Krock)
  • Do not save the conf_cmake file in the source directory (Krock)

0.8 Changelog

New Features

  • File browser (uses native file browser)
  • Run mod in Minetest. (installs to world/nbe_test/worldmods and runs)
  • Move all nodes up when a node is placed below the ground
  • Rotate node.
  • Flip node
  • Clone node
  • Export reworks:
    • Export to textures to folder
    • Export to Minetest mod
    • Export to Mesh (.obj)
  • Reworked texture dialog (Preview of textures in texture dialog, more)
  • Reworked texture import dialog (can rename image - second box - or overwrite existing textures)
  • Viewport scrolling (hold middle mouse button)
  • Window expand on Alt+W
  • Split save project into save and save as


  • Moved some source files into subfolders, such as mode/ and dialog/

0.7 - Iron

29 Jul 17:34
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0.7 is all about the texture tool. The texture tool allows you to texture each side of the node box, and export that with the mod.

It is recommended that you use Irrlicht 1.8 or later. This is not in the Ubuntu apt-get repos. Use misc/, or see the installing Irrlicht page on their website.

New Features

  • Other nodes are hidden when you are not in the node tool.
  • Minetest style shading added. Node boxes no longer have this weird smooth lighting effect.
  • Texture tool added.
  • Texture projection added.
  • Dynamic viewports. Change what each viewport is looking at. (top/bottom/left/right etc)
  • Media Manager. (Export and import textures)
  • Merge / import project.
  • Copy and paste exported code from editor (Irrlicht 1.8 or greater only)
  • Coordinate direction arrows for each viewport.


  • Faster node box resizing when there are lots of boxes.
  • Textures no longer stretch.
  • Node position is now read from file, rather than ignored.


  • Added build scripts for Linux.
  • NBE files are now in an archive style format.
  • NBE file parser version bumped.
  • File parsers give meaningful error messages.
  • Cleaned unused enums and defines.
  • Polymorphic dialog system added.

0.6.5 - Stone

06 Jul 18:13
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You can now run the editor just by clicking on the executable file.
The way you compile and install the editor has changed. You no longer need to use DRUN_IN_PLACE.

New features

  • Add support for make install
  • Automatically find working directory
  • Install as an application on Ubuntu (tiemay, rubenwardy)
  • Add support for Minetest Classic

Bug Fixes

  • Inconsistency detected fix
  • Fix build error when bin directory does not exist (ShadowNinja)

0.6.4 - Stone

18 Jun 18:05
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New Features

  • Keyboard short cuts
  • Unlimited node boxes per node (ShadowNinja)
  • Add default nodebox when creating a new node

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed snapping, added possibility for custom grids in the future.
  • Fixed node deleting bug.
  • Fixed node deleting bug again.
  • Fixed node box naming collisions.
  • Fixed multiple saving and opening bugs when there is more than one node.
  • Fixed handle offset error.
  • Fixed XXF86VM build failure (ShadowNinja)
  • Temporarily fixed top viewport handle offset.
  • Fixed properties side bar.
  • Fixed name in properties side bar, node box mode.


  • Don't load icons multiple times (ShadowNinja)
  • Massive amounts of refactoring (ShadowNinja)
  • Fixed coding style
  • Use std::string and std::list instead of the irrlicht versions (ShadowNinja)

^ Contributions were made by me, rubenwardy, unless otherwise stated.