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This mod handles multiple maps.

Creating a new map

1. Dependencies

  • Minetest 0.4.16 or later.
  • Mods
    • ctf_map (by copying the folder from this game to minetest/mods)
    • worldedit and worldedit_commands.

2. Find an area

  • Can use Minetest Game and any mapgen.
  • It must be a cube, and the barrier will be in the exact center.
  • It should be around 230x230 in surface area, but this can vary.
  • Feel free to modify the area to your needs.

3. Select the area

There are multiple ways do this, this is the simplist in most cases.

  • If you haven't modified the map at all, do the following to speed up barrier placement:
    • Stop Minetest.
    • Open up the world's
    • Set backend to "dummy".
    • Save.
  • Using worldedit, select the area.
  • Type /gui, and click "From WE" then "To WE".
  • Check that the center location is the right place for the barrier to go.
  • Check that the bounds extend far enough.

4. Place barriers

  • Set the middle barrier direction. The barrier is a plane defined by a co-ordinate = 0. If the barrier is X=0, then it will placed with every node of the barrier having X=0. If the barrier is Z=0, then it will placed with every node of the barrier having Z=0.
  • Click "place barrier". Note that this command does not have an undo.

5. Meta data

  • Set the meta data

6. Export

  • Click export, and wait until completion.
  • Copy the two files from worlddir/schemes/ to ctf_map/maps/.
  • Rename the files so the two prefixed numbers are consistent to existing maps.
  • Profit!