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Radiant RBiz

A wrapper to let RBiz eCommerce solution live inside of a Radiant installation.

Getting Started

  • If you're starting from scratch, create a new instance of Radiant CMS.

radiant my_store

  • Install this extension to the vendor/extensions directory of your Radiant.

cd my_store/vendor

git clone git:// extensions/radiant_rbiz

  • You're going to need the named_scope plugin as well, grab that.

git clone git:// plugins/named_scope

  • There's a number of submodules you'll need, so pull those in.

cd extensions/radiant_rbiz

git submodule init

git submodule update

  • Create your database and run migrations for radiant, radiant_rbiz and rbiz

cd ../../..

mysqladmin -u root create my_store_development

rake db:bootstrap

rake radiant:extensions:radiant_rbiz:migrate

rake cart:migrate

  • There are a couple of initializers that need to be copied over from radiant_rbiz to the radiant instance, so run the rake task.

rake radiant:extensions:radiant_rbiz:initializers