GoPlay! Game Application in Merb, DataMapper, and jQuery
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= Introduction

GoPlay! is an Ajax-heavy web application facilitating players coming together to play games of Go (a board game). 

GoPlay! was created using the Merb Ruby Framework, DataMapper Object-Relational Mapper, and jQuery JavaScript library and is fully tested using RSpec behavior testing framework.

= Features

* A given player can engage in multiple games at the same time (in different tabs/windows) each with a different
  URL such as /games/23-bhughes-vs-dbogaard. 

* Invites are treated something like a specialized chat message event in that multiple invites can come in and
  be displayed. Invites will even show in-game so if you accept a new tab with a new game will open.

* Remote events queuing on the server side is completely isolated from controllers as remote events are spawned
  automatically using DataMapper callbacks on the main model classes. So, for example, creating a new Message
  object without an associated game will automatically generate a remote event broadcast when you save it
  without ever explicitly dealing with any MessageEvent object.
* Highly abstract JavaScript objects architecture with separated concerns. The remote events class handles
  polling for remote events and allows other objects to "subscribe" to each of these events, forming an
  excellent basic publish/subscribe model for remote events. Other classes such as ChatClient and GoClient can
  then subscribe to the events they want to see and handle them separately.
* Deliberately no "admin interface" since anything administrative I need to do is accomplished very easy through
  an interactive Ruby console as a result of the abstracted and well-factored nature of the object model; 
  example administrative actions:
    # Suspend user with note:
    ruby> User.with_login_of('bhughes').suspend! 'You are using too much bandwidth.'
    # Send message as user:
    ruby> User.with_login_of('bhughes').messages.create :message => 'My Global Notice'
    # Force End Game 23:
    ruby> Game[23].complete!
    # Change User's Description:
    ruby> User.with_login_of('jdoe').update_attributes :description => 'New Description'
    # Force User Logout:
    ruby> User.with_login_of('jdoe').leave!
* Strong tracking of user activity with request polling and separate "ping" client posts that keep the client 
  alive even when event polling need not occur (such as when editing your profile).  Makes every effort to 
  accurately identify when a client has left a game or the entire application using on leave callbacks and 
  inference from the client pings and event polling timestamps.