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Pyg is a Python Package Manager that is meant to be an alternative to easy_install and pip.


To install Pyg it takes only one simple command:

$ pip install pyg

or if you must:

$ easy_install pyg

And then you should no more need them!

Installing from source

Also, you can download the source and after unpacking the archive:

$ python setup.py install

Note: You may need root privileges to install.


If you need further informations you can check the documentation at: http://pyg-installer.co.nr.

Building the documentation

You can build the documentation locally. In order to build the html documentation you need to install Sphinx (http://sphinx.pocoo.org). Simply run:

$ pyg install sphinx

Again, you may need root privileges. Now you can build the docs. If you haven't already downloaded the source download it and open your terminal:

$ cd docs
$ make html

The docs are now in _build/html/.