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'''This module contains Xenon's main functionality. Only the
:func:`~xenon.core.analyze` function should be used directly.
from radon.complexity import cc_rank, SCORE
from radon.cli import Config
from radon.cli.harvest import CCHarvester
def analyze(args, logger):
'''Analyze the files as specified in *args*. Logging is done through the
given *logger*.
The *args* object should have the following attributes:
* ``path``: the file to analyze.
* ``exclude`` and ``ignore``: the patterns specifying which files to
exclude and which directories to ignore.
* ``no_assert``: if ``True``, ``assert`` statements will not be counted
towards increasing the cyclomatic complexity.
* ``absolute``, ``modules`` and ``average``: the threshold for the
config = Config(
h = CCHarvester([args.path], config)
results = h._to_dicts()
return find_infractions(args, logger, results), results
def av(n, m):
'''Compute n/m if ``m != 0`` or otherwise return 0.'''
return n / m if m != 0 else 0
def check(rank, default=None):
'''Check whether `rank` is greater than `default`.'''
return rank > default.upper() if default is not None else False
def find_infractions(args, logger, results):
'''Analyze the results and find if the thresholds are surpassed.
*args* and *logger* are the same as in :func:`~xenon.core.analyze`, while
*results* is a dictionary holding the results of the complexity analysis.
The number of infractions with respect to the threshold values is returned.
infractions = 0
module_averages = []
total_cc = 0.
total_blocks = 0
for module, blocks in results.items():
module_cc = 0.
if isinstance(blocks, dict) and blocks.get('error'):
logger.warning('cannot parse %s: %s', module, blocks['error'])
for block in blocks:
module_cc += block['complexity']
r = cc_rank(block['complexity'])
if check(r, args.absolute):
logger.error('block "%s:%s %s" has a rank of %s', module,
block['lineno'], block['name'], r)
infractions += 1
module_averages.append((module, av(module_cc, len(blocks))))
total_cc += module_cc
total_blocks += len(blocks)
ar = cc_rank(av(total_cc, total_blocks))
if check(ar, args.average):
logger.error('average complexity is ranked %s', ar)
infractions += 1
for module, ma in module_averages:
mar = cc_rank(ma)
if check(mar, args.modules):
logger.error('module %r has a rank of %s', module, mar)
infractions += 1
return infractions