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#include "vm.hpp"
#include "vm/object_utils.hpp"
#include "builtin/object.hpp"
#include "builtin/reflector.hpp"
#include "ontology.hpp"
#include "builtin/class.hpp"
#include "builtin/symbol.hpp"
#include "primitives.hpp"
namespace rubinius {
void Reflector::init(STATE) {
GO(reflector).set(ontology::new_class(state, "Reflector",
G(object), G(rubinius)));
G(reflector)->set_object_type(state, Reflector::type);
Reflector* Reflector::create(STATE, Object* target) {
Reflector* ref = state->new_object<Reflector>(G(reflector));
ref->target(state, target);
return ref;
Object* Reflector::get(STATE, Symbol* name) {
if(name->is_ivar_p(state)->false_p()) return cNil;
return target_->get_ivar(state, name);
Object* Reflector::set(STATE, Symbol* name, Object* val) {
if(name->is_ivar_p(state)->false_p()) {
return Primitives::failure();
target_->set_ivar(state, name, val);
return val;
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