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#include "gc_marksweep.hpp"
#include "gc_baker.hpp"
#include "prelude.hpp"
#include "type_info.hpp"
#include "object_position.hpp"
namespace rubinius {
class Object;
/* ObjectMemory is the primary API that the rest of the VM uses to interact
* with actions such as allocating objects, storing data in objects, and
* perform garbage collection.
* It is current split between 2 generations, the BakerGC, which handles
* the young objects, and the MarkSweepGC, which handles the mature.
* Basic tasks:
* Allocate an object of a given class and number of fields.
* If the object is large, it's put to start in the mature space,
* otherwise in the young space.
* Detection of memory condition requiring collection of both generations
* independently.
class ObjectMemory {
bool collect_young_now;
bool collect_mature_now;
ObjectArray *remember_set;
BakerGC young;
MarkSweepGC mature;
size_t last_object_id;
TypeInfo* type_info[(int)LastObjectType];
/* Config variables */
size_t large_object_threshold;
ObjectMemory(STATE, size_t young_bytes);
void remember_object(OBJECT target);
void unremember_object(OBJECT target);
void store_object(OBJECT target, size_t index, OBJECT val);
void set_class(OBJECT target, OBJECT obj);
OBJECT allocate_object(size_t fields);
OBJECT new_object(Class* cls, size_t fields);
OBJECT new_object_bytes(Class* cls, size_t bytes);
TypeInfo* find_type_info(OBJECT obj);
void set_young_lifetime(size_t age);
void collect_young(Roots &roots);
void collect_mature(Roots &roots);
OBJECT promote_object(OBJECT obj);
bool valid_object_p(OBJECT obj);
void debug_marksweep(bool val);
void add_type_info(TypeInfo* ti);
ObjectPosition validate_object(OBJECT obj);
void write_barrier(OBJECT target, OBJECT val) {
if(target->Remember) return;
if(!REFERENCE_P(val)) return;
if(target->zone != MatureObjectZone) return;
if(val->zone != YoungObjectZone) return;
#define FREE(obj) free(obj)
#define ALLOC_N(type, size) ((type*)calloc(size, sizeof(type)))
extern "C" {
void* XMALLOC(size_t bytes);
void XFREE(void* ptr);
void* XREALLOC(void* ptr, size_t bytes);
void* XCALLOC(size_t items, size_t bytes);
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