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#ifndef RBS_CPU_H
#define RBS_CPU_H
#include <bstrlib.h>
/* Configuration macros. */
/* Enable direct threading */
/* Whether or not to do runtime tracing support */
#define EXCESSIVE_TRACING state->excessive_tracing
/* For profiling of code */
#define IP_TYPE uint32_t
#define BS_JUMP 2
#define CTX_FLAG_NO_LONG_RETURN (1<<0)
#define CPU_REGISTERS OBJECT sender; \
OBJECT block; \
OBJECT method; \
OBJECT literals; \
OBJECT locals; \
unsigned short argcount; \
OBJECT name; \
OBJECT method_module; \
void *opaque_data; \
OBJECT self; \
IP_TYPE *data; \
unsigned char type; \
unsigned char flags; \
unsigned int ip; \
unsigned int sp; \
unsigned int fp;
struct fast_context {
int size;
#define FASTCTX(ctx) ((struct fast_context*)BYTES_OF(ctx))
/* 1Meg of stack */
#define InitialStackSize 262144
#define TASK_NO_STACK 1
#define TASK_FLAG_P(task, flag) ((task->flags & flag) == flag)
#define TASK_SET_FLAG(task, flag) (task->flags |= flag)
#define TASK_CLEAR_FLAG(task, flag) (task->flags ^= flag)
#define CPU_TASK_REGISTERS long int args; \
unsigned long int stack_slave; \
long int cache_index; \
OBJECT *stack_top; \
unsigned long int stack_size; \
OBJECT outstanding; \
OBJECT exception; \
OBJECT enclosing_class; \
OBJECT new_class_of; \
OBJECT exceptions; \
OBJECT active_context, home_context, main; \
ptr_array paths; \
unsigned int depth; \
OBJECT current_scope; \
IP_TYPE *ip_ptr; \
OBJECT *sp_ptr; \
int call_flags; \
OBJECT debug_channel; \
OBJECT control_channel; \
unsigned long int flags; \
unsigned int blockargs;
struct cpu_task_shared {
struct cpu_task {
int active;
struct rubinius_cpu {
/* Normal registers ande saved and restored per new method call . */
OBJECT self, sender;
OBJECT cache;
IP_TYPE *data;
unsigned short type;
unsigned short argcount;
unsigned int ip;
unsigned int sp;
unsigned int fp;
OBJECT current_task, main_task;
OBJECT current_thread, main_thread;
/* Task registers are saved and restored when tasks are switched. */
#define CPU_TASKS_LOCATION(cp) (((char*)cp) + offsetof(struct rubinius_cpu, args))
typedef struct rubinius_cpu *cpu;
typedef OBJECT (*cpu_sampler_collect_cb)(STATE, void*, OBJECT);
typedef OBJECT (*cpu_event_each_channel_cb)(STATE, void*, OBJECT);
#define cpu_stack_empty_p(state, cpu) (cpu->sp_ptr <= cpu->stack_top)
#define cpu_local_get(state, cpu, idx) (NTH_FIELD(cpu->locals, idx))
#define cpu_local_set(state, cpu, idx, obj) (SET_FIELD(cpu->locals, idx, obj))
#define stack_push(obj) cpu_stack_push(state, c, obj, FALSE)
#define stack_pop() cpu_stack_pop(state, c)
#define stack_top() cpu_stack_top(state, c)
#define stack_back(idx) (c->sp_ptr[-idx])
#define stack_clear(idx) (c->sp_ptr -= idx)
#define stack_pop_2(v1, v2) v1 = stack_back(0); v2 = stack_back(1);
#define stack_pop_3 (v1, v2, v3) v1 = stack_back(0); v2 = stack_back(1); v3 = stack_back(2);
#define stack_set_top(val) *c->sp_ptr = (val);
#define cpu_current_block(state, cpu) (FASTCTX(cpu->home_context)->block)
#define cpu_current_method(state, cpu) (FASTCTX(cpu->active_context)->method)
#define cpu_current_literals(state, cpu) (FASTCTX(cpu->active_context)->literals)
#define cpu_current_locals(state, cpu) (FASTCTX(cpu->home_context)->locals)
#define cpu_set_locals(state, cpu, obj) (FASTCTX(cpu->home_context)->locals = obj)
#define cpu_current_name(state, cpu) (FASTCTX(cpu->home_context)->name)
#define cpu_current_module(state, cpu) (FASTCTX(cpu->home_context)->method_module)
#define cpu_current_data(cpu) (FASTCTX(cpu->home_context)->data)
#define cpu_current_argcount(cpu) (cpu->argcount)
#define cpu_current_sender(cpu) (cpu->sender)
#define cpu_current_scope(state, cpu) cmethod_get_staticscope(FASTCTX(cpu->home_context)->method)
#define cpu_flush_ip(cpu) (cpu->ip = (cpu->ip_ptr - cpu->data))
#define cpu_flush_sp(cpu) (cpu->sp = (cpu->sp_ptr - cpu->stack_top))
#define cpu_cache_ip(cpu) (cpu->ip_ptr = (cpu->data + cpu->ip))
#define cpu_cache_sp(cpu) (cpu->sp_ptr = (cpu->stack_top + cpu->sp))
cpu cpu_new(STATE);
void cpu_initialize(STATE, cpu c);
void cpu_setup_top_scope(STATE, cpu c);
void cpu_initialize_context(STATE, cpu c);
void cpu_update_roots(STATE, cpu c, ptr_array roots, int start);
void cpu_activate_context(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT ctx, OBJECT home, int so);
int cpu_return_to_sender(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT val, int consider_block, int exception);
int cpu_simple_return(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT val);
OBJECT cpu_const_get_in_context(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT sym);
OBJECT cpu_const_get_from(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT sym, OBJECT under);
OBJECT cpu_const_get(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT sym, OBJECT under);
OBJECT cpu_const_set(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT sym, OBJECT val, OBJECT under);
void cpu_run(STATE, cpu c, int setup);
int cpu_dispatch(STATE, cpu c);
void cpu_compile_instructions(STATE, OBJECT ba);
OBJECT cpu_compile_method(STATE, OBJECT cm);
OBJECT cpu_create_block_context(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT env, int sp);
void cpu_set_encloser_path(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT cls);
void cpu_push_encloser(STATE, cpu c);
void cpu_add_method(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT target, OBJECT sym, OBJECT method);
void cpu_attach_method(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT target, OBJECT sym, OBJECT method);
void cpu_raise_exception(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT exc);
void cpu_raise_arg_error(STATE, cpu c, int args, int req);
void cpu_raise_arg_error_generic(STATE, cpu c, const char *msg);
void cpu_raise_from_errno(STATE, cpu c, const char *msg);
OBJECT cpu_new_exception(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT klass, const char *msg);
OBJECT cpu_new_exception2(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT klass, const char *msg, ...);
void cpu_perform_hook(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT recv, OBJECT meth, OBJECT arg);
void cpu_goto_method(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT recv, OBJECT meth,
int count, OBJECT name, OBJECT block);
void cpu_unified_send(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT recv, OBJECT sym, int args, OBJECT block);
OBJECT cpu_locate_method_on(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT obj, OBJECT sym, OBJECT include_private);
void cpu_restore_context_with_home(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT ctx, OBJECT home, int ret, int is_block);
void cpu_run_script(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT meth);
void cpu_save_registers(STATE, cpu c, int stack_offset);
OBJECT exported_cpu_find_method(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT recv, OBJECT name, OBJECT *mod);
OBJECT cpu_unmarshal(STATE, uint8_t *str, int len, int version);
OBJECT cpu_marshal(STATE, OBJECT obj, int version);
OBJECT cpu_unmarshal_file(STATE, const char *path, int version);
bstring cpu_marshal_to_bstring(STATE, OBJECT obj, int version);
OBJECT cpu_marshal_to_file(STATE, OBJECT obj, char *path, int version);
void cpu_bootstrap(STATE);
void cpu_add_roots(STATE, cpu c, ptr_array roots);
void cpu_update_roots(STATE, cpu c, ptr_array roots, int start);
/* Method cache functions */
void cpu_clear_cache(STATE, cpu c);
void cpu_clear_cache_for_method(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT meth, int full);
void cpu_clear_cache_for_class(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT klass);
void cpu_task_flush(STATE, cpu c);
OBJECT cpu_task_dup(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT cur);
int cpu_task_select(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT self);
OBJECT cpu_task_associate(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT self, OBJECT be);
void cpu_task_set_debugging(STATE, OBJECT self, OBJECT dc, OBJECT cc);
OBJECT cpu_channel_new(STATE);
OBJECT cpu_channel_send(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT self, OBJECT obj);
void cpu_channel_receive(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT self, OBJECT cur_task);
OBJECT cpu_thread_new(STATE, cpu c);
void cpu_thread_switch(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT thr);
OBJECT cpu_thread_get_task(STATE, OBJECT self);
void cpu_thread_switch_best(STATE, cpu c);
void cpu_thread_schedule(STATE, OBJECT self);
void cpu_thread_run_best(STATE, cpu c);
void cpu_thread_force_run(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT thr);
void cpu_thread_exited(STATE, cpu c);
int cpu_thread_alive_p(STATE, OBJECT self);
void cpu_task_disable_preemption(STATE);
void cpu_task_configure_premption(STATE);
void cpu_sampler_collect(STATE, cpu_sampler_collect_cb, void *cb_data);
#define cpu_event_outstanding_p(state) (state->thread_infos != NULL)
#define cpu_event_update(state) if(cpu_event_outstanding_p(state)) cpu_event_runonce(state)
void cpu_event_runonce(STATE);
void cpu_event_init(STATE);
void cpu_event_run(STATE);
void cpu_event_wake_channel(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT channel, struct timeval *tv);
void cpu_event_each_channel(STATE, cpu_event_each_channel_cb, void *cb_data);
void cpu_event_wait_readable(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT channel, int fd, OBJECT buffer, int count);
void cpu_event_wait_writable(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT channel, int fd);
void cpu_event_wait_signal(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT channel, int sig);
void cpu_channel_register(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT self, OBJECT cur_thr);
void cpu_task_set_outstanding(STATE, OBJECT self, OBJECT ary);
void cpu_event_setup_children(STATE, cpu c);
void cpu_event_wait_child(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT channel, int pid, int flags);
void cpu_event_clear(STATE, int fd);
#define channel_set_waiting(obj, val) SET_FIELD(obj, 1, val)
#define channel_get_waiting(obj) NTH_FIELD(obj, 1)
#define channel_set_value(obj, val) SET_FIELD(obj, 2, val)
#define channel_get_value(obj) NTH_FIELD(obj, 2)
void cpu_sampler_init(STATE, cpu c);
void cpu_sampler_activate(STATE, int hz);
OBJECT cpu_sampler_disable(STATE);
#define type_assert(obj, type) ({\
if(type == FixnumType) {\
if(!FIXNUM_P(obj)) machine_handle_type_error(obj); \
} else if(type == SymbolType) { \
if(!SYMBOL_P(obj)) machine_handle_type_error(obj); \
} else {\
if(!REFERENCE_P(obj) || obj->obj_type != type) machine_handle_type_error(obj);\
#if 1
#define cpu_stack_push(state, c, oop, check) ({ OBJECT _tmp = (oop); CHECK_PTR(_tmp); (c)->sp_ptr++; *((c)->sp_ptr) = _tmp; })
#define cpu_stack_pop(state, c) (*(c)->sp_ptr--)
#define cpu_stack_top(state, c) (*(c)->sp_ptr)
#define cpu_stack_set_top(state, c, oop) (*(c)->sp_ptr = oop)
static inline int cpu_stack_push(STATE, cpu c, OBJECT oop, int check) {
c->sp += 1;
#if 0
if(check) {
if(NUM_FIELDS(c->stack) <= c->sp) {
return FALSE;
SET_FIELD(c->stack, c->sp, oop);
return TRUE;
static inline OBJECT cpu_stack_pop(STATE, cpu c) {
obj = NTH_FIELD(c->stack, c->sp);
c->sp -= 1;
return obj;
static inline OBJECT cpu_stack_top(STATE, cpu c) {
return NTH_FIELD(c->stack, c->sp);
#define MAX_SYSTEM_PRIM 2048
int cpu_perform_system_primitive(STATE, cpu c, int prim, OBJECT mo, int num_args, OBJECT name, OBJECT mod, OBJECT block);
int cpu_perform_runtime_primitive(STATE, cpu c, int prim, OBJECT mo, int num_args, OBJECT name, OBJECT mod, OBJECT block);
static inline int cpu_perform_primitive(STATE, cpu c, int prim, OBJECT mo, int args, OBJECT name, OBJECT mod, OBJECT block) {
return cpu_perform_system_primitive(state, c, prim, mo, args, name, mod, block);
} else {
return cpu_perform_runtime_primitive(state, c, prim, mo, args, name, mod, block);
#endif /* RBS_CPU_H */
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