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#include <stdint.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <llvm/Module.h>
#include <llvm/DerivedTypes.h>
#include <llvm/Function.h>
#include <llvm/Module.h>
#include <llvm/Instructions.h>
#include <llvm/Support/IRBuilder.h>
#include <llvm/ExecutionEngine/JIT.h>
#include <llvm/CodeGen/MachineCodeInfo.h>
#include <llvm/Pass.h>
#include <llvm/PassManager.h>
#include <llvm/Support/raw_ostream.h>
#include <llvm/LLVMContext.h>
#include "llvm/local_info.hpp"
#include "gc/managed.hpp"
#include "gc/write_barrier.hpp"
#include "auxiliary_threads.hpp"
#include "configuration.hpp"
#include "util/thread.hpp"
namespace rubinius {
typedef std::map<int, LocalInfo> LocalMap;
class SymbolTable;
class CompiledCode;
class GarbageCollector;
namespace jit {
class Builder;
class Context;
class BackgroundCompilerThread;
class BlockEnvironment;
enum JitDebug {
cSimple = 1,
cOptimized = 2,
cMachineCode = 4
class LLVMState : public AuxiliaryThread, public ManagedThread {
llvm::LLVMContext& ctx_;
llvm::Module* module_;
llvm::ExecutionEngine* engine_;
llvm::FunctionPassManager* passes_;
llvm::Type* object_;
Configuration& config_;
BackgroundCompilerThread* background_thread_;
SymbolTable& symbols_;
int jitted_methods_;
int queued_methods_;
int accessors_inlined_;
int uncommons_taken_;
SharedState& shared_;
bool include_profiling_;
llvm::GlobalVariable* profiling_;
int code_bytes_;
std::ostream* log_;
gc::WriteBarrier write_barrier_;
unsigned int metadata_id_;
int fixnum_class_id_;
int symbol_class_id_;
int string_class_id_;
bool type_optz_;
utilities::thread::SpinLock method_update_lock_;
utilities::thread::Mutex wait_mutex;
utilities::thread::Condition wait_cond;
uint64_t time_spent;
llvm::Type* VoidTy;
llvm::Type* Int1Ty;
llvm::Type* Int8Ty;
llvm::Type* Int16Ty;
llvm::Type* Int32Ty;
llvm::Type* Int64Ty;
llvm::Type* IntPtrTy;
llvm::Type* VoidPtrTy;
llvm::Type* FloatTy;
llvm::Type* DoubleTy;
llvm::Type* Int8PtrTy;
llvm::Value* Zero;
llvm::Value* One;
static LLVMState* get(STATE);
static LLVMState* get_if_set(STATE);
static LLVMState* get_if_set(VM*);
static void start(STATE);
static void on_fork(STATE);
static void pause(STATE);
static void unpause(STATE);
virtual ~LLVMState();
void add_internal_functions();
int jit_dump_code() {
return config_.jit_dump_code;
bool debug_p();
Configuration& config() {
return config_;
llvm::GlobalVariable* profiling() {
return profiling_;
bool include_profiling() {
return include_profiling_;
llvm::Module* module() { return module_; }
llvm::ExecutionEngine* engine() { return engine_; }
llvm::FunctionPassManager* passes() { return passes_; }
llvm::Type* object() { return object_; }
int jitted_methods() {
return jitted_methods_;
int queued_methods() {
return queued_methods_;
int add_jitted_method() {
return ++jitted_methods_;
int code_bytes() {
return code_bytes_;
void add_code_bytes(int bytes) {
code_bytes_ += bytes;
void add_accessor_inlined() {
int accessors_inlined() {
return accessors_inlined_;
void add_uncommons_taken() {
int uncommons_taken() {
return uncommons_taken_;
SharedState& shared() { return shared_; }
llvm::LLVMContext& ctx() { return ctx_; }
std::ostream& log() {
return *log_;
gc::WriteBarrier* write_barrier() {
return &write_barrier_;
unsigned int metadata_id() {
return metadata_id_;
int fixnum_class_id() {
return fixnum_class_id_;
int symbol_class_id() {
return symbol_class_id_;
int string_class_id() {
return string_class_id_;
bool type_optz() {
return type_optz_;
llvm::Value* cint(int num) {
switch(num) {
case 0:
return Zero;
case 1:
return One;
return llvm::ConstantInt::get(Int32Ty, num);
void start_method_update() {
void end_method_update() {
llvm::Type* ptr_type(std::string name);
llvm::Type* type(std::string name);
void compile_soon(STATE, GCToken gct, CompiledCode* code, CallFrame* call_frame,
Object* extra, bool is_block=false);
void remove(llvm::Function* func);
CallFrame* find_candidate(STATE, CompiledCode* start, CallFrame* call_frame);
void compile_callframe(STATE, GCToken gct, CompiledCode* start, CallFrame* call_frame,
int primitive = -1);
Symbol* symbol(const std::string& sym);
std::string symbol_debug_str(const Symbol* sym);
std::string enclosure_name(CompiledCode* code);
void shutdown(STATE);
void before_exec(STATE);
void after_exec(STATE);
void before_fork(STATE);
void after_fork_parent(STATE);
void after_fork_child(STATE);
void gc_scan(GarbageCollector* gc);
static void show_machine_code(void* impl, size_t bytes);
class Signature {
LLVMState* ls_;
std::vector<llvm::Type*> types_;
llvm::Type* ret_type_;
Signature(LLVMState* ls, llvm::Type* rt)
: ls_(ls)
, ret_type_(rt)
Signature(LLVMState* ls, const char* rt)
: ls_(ls)
, ret_type_(ls->ptr_type(rt))
std::vector<llvm::Type*>& types() {
return types_;
Signature& operator<<(const char* name) {
return *this;
Signature& operator<<(llvm::Type* type) {
return *this;
llvm::FunctionType* type() {
return llvm::FunctionType::get(ret_type_, types_, false);
operator llvm::FunctionType*() { return type(); }
llvm::Function* function(const char* name) {
return llvm::cast<llvm::Function>(ls_->module()->getOrInsertFunction(name, type()));
void setDoesNotCapture(const char* name, int which) {
function(name)->setDoesNotCapture(which, true);
llvm::CallInst* call(const char* name, llvm::Value** start, int size,
const char* inst_name, llvm::BasicBlock* block) {
return llvm::CallInst::Create(function(name), llvm::ArrayRef<llvm::Value*>(start, size), inst_name, block);
llvm::CallInst* call(const char* name, llvm::Value** start, int size,
const char* inst_name, llvm::IRBuilder<>& builder) {
return builder.CreateCall(function(name), llvm::ArrayRef<llvm::Value*>(start, size), inst_name);
llvm::CallInst* call(const char* name, std::vector<llvm::Value*> args,
const char* inst_name, llvm::IRBuilder<>& builder) {
return builder.CreateCall(function(name), args, inst_name);
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