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#ifndef RBX_VM_H
#define RBX_VM_H
#include "prelude.hpp"
#include "globals.hpp"
#include "symboltable.hpp"
namespace llvm {
class Module;
namespace rubinius {
class Exception;
namespace event {
class Loop;
class GlobalCache;
class TaskProbe;
class Primitives;
class ObjectMemory;
class TypeInfo;
class Task;
class MethodContext;
class ContextCache;
class String;
class ConfigParser;
struct Configuration {
bool compile_up_front;
struct Interrupts {
bool check;
bool switch_task;
bool perform_gc;
Interrupts() : check(false), switch_task(false), perform_gc(false) { }
class VM {
/* Data members */
Globals globals;
ObjectMemory* om;
event::Loop* events;
event::Loop* signal_events;
GlobalCache* global_cache;
TypedRoot<TaskProbe*> probe;
Primitives* primitives;
Configuration config;
Interrupts interrupts;
SymbolTable symbols;
ConfigParser *user_config;
/* Used to implement a simple context cache */
ContextCache* context_cache;
bool wait_events;
static const size_t default_bytes = 1048576;
/* Inline methods */
/* Prototypes */
VM(size_t bytes = default_bytes);
// Returns the current VM state object.
static VM* current_state();
// Registers a VM* object as the current state.
static void register_state(VM*);
void bootstrap_class();
void bootstrap_ontology();
void bootstrap_symbol();
void bootstrap_exceptions();
void initialize_builtin_classes();
void initialize_platform_data();
void boot_threads();
OBJECT new_object(Class* cls);
// Create an uninitialized Class object
Class* new_basic_class(Class* sup, size_t fields);
// Create a Class of name +name+ as an Object subclass
Class* new_class(const char* name);
// Create a Class of name +name+ as a subclass of +super_class+
Class* new_class(const char* name, Class* super_class);
// Create a Class of name +name+ as a subclass of +sup+, having
// +fields+ instance fields
Class* new_class(const char* name, Class* sup, size_t fields);
// Create a Class of name +name+ as a subclass of +sup+, having
// +fields+ instance fields, under Module +under+
Class* new_class(const char* name, Class* sup, size_t fields, Module* under);
// Create a Class of name +name+ under +under+
Class* new_class_under(const char* name, Module* under);
Module* new_module(const char* name, Module* under = NULL);
OBJECT new_struct(Class* cls, size_t bytes);
Task* new_task();
SYMBOL symbol(const char* str);
SYMBOL symbol(String* str);
SYMBOL symbol(std::string str);
void add_type_info(TypeInfo* ti);
TypeInfo* find_type(int type);
void init_ffi();
Thread* current_thread();
void collect();
void return_value(OBJECT val);
void run_best_thread();
void queue_thread(Thread* thread);
void activate_thread(Thread* thread);
void raise_from_errno(const char* reason);
void raise_exception(Exception* exc);
Exception* new_exception(Class* cls, const char* msg);
OBJECT current_block();
void set_const(const char* name, OBJECT val);
void set_const(Module* mod, const char* name, OBJECT val);
llvm::Module* llvm_module();
void llvm_cleanup();
void print_backtrace();
// In an infinite loop, run the current task.
void run_and_monitor();
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