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#include "raise_reason.hpp"
#include "gc/root.hpp"
#include <iostream>
namespace rubinius {
class Object;
class Exception;
class VariableScope;
class VM;
class ThreadState {
TypedRoot<Exception*> current_exception_;
TypedRoot<Object*> raise_value_;
TypedRoot<Object*> throw_dest_;
RaiseReason raise_reason_;
TypedRoot<VariableScope*> destination_scope_;
ThreadState(VM* state);
Exception* current_exception() {
return current_exception_.get();
void set_current_exception(Exception* exc) {
Object* raise_value() {
return raise_value_.get();
RaiseReason raise_reason() {
return raise_reason_;
VariableScope* destination_scope() {
return destination_scope_.get();
Object* throw_dest() {
return throw_dest_.get();
void clear_break();
void clear_return();
void clear_raise();
void clear();
Object* state_as_object(STATE);
void set_state(STATE, Object* obj);
void raise_exception(Exception* exc);
void raise_return(Object* value, VariableScope* dest);
void raise_break(Object* value, VariableScope* dest);
void raise_exit(Object* code);
void raise_throw(Object* dest, Object* value);
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